Monday, March 11, 2013

A Really Important Book

Not every book we publish is going to be sexy or hot or even exciting.  This is one of those books that is just important. 

I did not know that the rate of prostate cancer development was twice as high for gay couples, and I honestly hadn't thought about what it would be like to be a gay man with prostate cancer until Don Weise, our Editor in Chief of Magnus, told me about this book.  And then I  knew we had to publish it.

Every gay man should know that this book exists at an affordable price.  Hopefully, he'll never have to reference it.

The Essential Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery

Edited by Gerald Perlman, PhD

Breaking the silence around the special concerns and issues faced by gay men
diagnosed with prostate cancer, this new book explores the full spectrum
of experiences from diagnosis to recovery

March 8, 2013 – Riverdale Avenue Books/Magnus is proud to publish the first trade book on prostrate cancer for gay men.  “I was truly amazed that something like this did not already exist at an affordable price,” said Magnus Editor-in-Chief, Donald Weise.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among American men and the second leading cause of deaths in men, after lung cancer. Men have a one in six chance of diagnosis with the number doubling for gay couples. While biology between gay and heterosexual men is the same, cultural differences in the ways in which gay men and heterosexuals experience diagnosis, treatment, and recovery vary widely. Most urologists, support groups, and prostate cancer literature assume patients are heterosexual, leaving gay men to seek out reliable information particular to their needs on their own.

What Every Gay Man Needs to Know About Prostate Cancer provides gay men with the essential answers to important questions often left undiscussed, regarding anal intercourse, erections and ejaculate, as well as recovery time and expectations for future sexual activity after treatment and surgery.

Magnus Books editor in chief Don Weise says of the book, “When I first heard about the project, I immediately wanted to do it. I didn’t know a lot about prostate cancer, but I saw that there was almost nothing in print on the topic for gay men and their partners specifically. I felt I had to publish the book. The clinical information is essential reading for anyone diagnosed with prostate cancer, and the personal testimonials by gay men who have survived it are deeply moving and eye-opening. The book is also an ideal tool for healthcare professionals new to the topic of how prostate cancer affects gay men and who are looking for ways to assist their gay clients navigate their diagnosis and treatment.”

Editor Gerald Perlman, PhD has been a Supervisor of Psychotherapy at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, at Fordham, Pace, and Yeshiva Universities, and at the City University of New York. In his private practice in New York, Dr. Perlman specializes in individual and couples therapy.  For almost ten years (under the auspices of Malecare) he facilitated an ongoing, open-ended group for gay men who have been diagnosed with and/or treated for prostate cancer. He lives in New York.

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