Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So Excited to Publish Book on Young Feminist Lorde after Her Big Grammy Win!

I was driving in my car when I first heard the song Royals and it just blew me away.  It was so different and powerful and strong.  I wanted to know who wrote it immediately.

So I went home and googled and was shocked to learn that the singer/songwriter was a young girl in New Zealand who was still in high school. I was intrigued.

And then she had the feminist dust-up with Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez and I was really proud of her.  I defined myself as a young feminist years ago, but I think its much harder to stand that ground today, and in an international stage, kudos to her!

Every time I would read about her, I would be even more impressed.  She's an avid reader, her mother is a prominent feminist New Zealand poet, she cut her first EP at 13!  I wanted to read about her, so I commissioned a book.

New York Times best-selling author Marc Shapiro, who has chronicled the lives of George Harrison, Santana, and Adele (to name just a few) has risen to the task and is loving his assignment.  He sends me updates almost every day and I can't wait until we publish LORDE: YOUR HEROINE.

We are moving as fast as we can so that the book will be on sale in time for her first US tour in March.

I LOVE this new way of publishing in the 21st century. Here's the announcement from Publisher's Lunch

Pop Culture
NYT bestselling author Marc Shapiro's LORDE: Your Heroine, How This Young Feminist Broke All the Rules and Succeeded, examining the career of this 17 year-old New Zealand musician who just won her first Grammy for her song "Royals," and defines herself as a young feminist, to Lori Perkins at Riverdale Avenue Books, Pop, for publication in March 2014 (World).