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RAB Publishes Winner of 2013 NaNoWriMo Contest, Untrustworty, an LGBT Dystopian Sci-Fi

Untrustworthy is old-school political dystopia in the vein of Brave New World: Brilliant, gripping, frightening.  JR Gershen-Siegel tackles politics and gender and gender oppression with an unflinching eye. Untrustworthy is panned NaNoWriMo gold.”
--Cecilia Tan, Publisher of Circlet Press, award-winning author

Riverdale, NY – December 16, 2014 – Innovative hybrid publisher Riverdale Avenue Books has just published the winner of their first annual National Novel Writing Month Contest Untrustworthy, an LGBT science fiction thriller by Janet Gershen-Siegel.

“Untrustworthy is the perfect novel for Riverdale Avenue Books to publish with its cross genre elements of dystopian science fiction and gender politics. It’s a perfect fit for our company,” said Riverdale Avenue Books’ Publisher Lori Perkins. “I find is hard to believe that the author wrote this finely nuanced novel in a mere 30 days, but it’s amazing what NaNowWriMo can inspire.”

“I am over the moon with excitement and deeply honored to have won Riverdale Avenue Books' First Ever NaNoWriMo Contest,” said the new author. “Creative dreams should never be forgotten.”

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is an annual event that takes place in the month of November to encourage aspiring writers to begin the novel they have always wanted to write. Participants start writing their 50,000-word novel at midnight on November 1st and they have the whole month of November to complete it.

About the Author

Janet Gershen-Siegel is a freelance science fiction author and blogger for Boldly Reading, an online book club. Her latest project is a near-future detective trilogy, The Obolonk Murders. She lives in Boston with her husband and more computers than they need. You can visit her at http://janetgershen-siegel.com

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Call for Stories for Apocalypse Today Anthology

APOCALYPSE TODAY: Love Among the Ruins (Deadline 1/12/15).

It's the End of the World and you're looking for Love, simple as that.

The world could have ended in nuclear disaster, environmental chaos, vampire/zombie apocalypse, Mayan prophecy predictions, Ebola outbreak, it’s your call. You can give us those old science fiction sex troupes - everyone has to have sex to re-populate the world (A Girl and Her Pussy, so to speak). This should be a lot of fun, and a wild ride. Be bold and go where NO MAN has ever gone before (because these stories are mainly for women readers). And please give me at least one all M/M future and one F/F world view.

Stories should run between 2000 and 5000 words.  Payment will be a pro rata share of royalties and subsidiary rights revenue paid quarterly. First time world rights, reprints OK.  To be published by RAB as both ebook and trade paperback in 2015.

Send submissions as a word doc attachment to submissions@riverdaleavebooks.com, titles Apocalypse Today.  Submissions should have your real name, pen name (if any), email address, and phone number, as well as a brief author bio.  All submissions should be Times Roman 12 point, double spaced.

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RAB/Magnus Publishes Bio of Most Famous Gay Escort of 20th Century

“Best-Kept Boy in the World: The Short, Scandalous Life of Denny Fouts, Muse to Truman Capote, Gore Vidal, and Christopher Isherwood” by Arthur Vanderbilt Released Riverdale Avenue Books Magnus Imprint

Riverdale, NYOctober, 2014 -Best-Kept Boy in the World is the first book ever written about Denham “Denny” Fouts (1914-1948), the twentieth century's most famous male prostitute. He was a socialite and muse whose extraordinary life started off humbly in Jacksonville, Florida. But in short order, he befriended, and bedded, the rich and celebrated and in the process conquered the world.

No less an august figure than the young Gore Vidal was enchanted by Denny's special charms. He twice modeled characters on Denny in his fiction, saying it was a pity that Denny never wrote a memoir. To Vidal he was “un homme fatal.”

Truman Capote, who devoted a third of Answered Prayers to Denny's life story, found that “to watch him walk into a room was an experience. He was beyond being good-looking; he was the single most charming-looking person I've ever seen.”

Writer Christopher Isherwood was more to the point: he called Denny “the most expensive male prostitute in the world.” He thus served as the source for the character Paul in Isherwood's novel Down There on a Visit and appears frequently in Isherwood’s published diaries.
In his short life, Denny achieved a mythic status, and Best-Kept Boy in the World follows him into his rarefied world of barons and shipping tycoons, lords, princes, heirs of great fortunes, artists, and authors. Here is the story of an American original, a story with an amazing cast of unforgettable characters and extraordinary settings, the book Gore Vidal wished Denny had written.

About Arthur Vanderbilt
A graduate of Wesleyan University and University of Virginia School of Law, Arthur Vanderbilt is the author of many books of history, biography, memoirs, and essays. His books have been
selections of the Book-of-the-Month Club, Readers Digest’s “Today’s Best Nonfiction,” the Easton.  Press series. He lives in New Jersey and Massachusetts.

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RAB Launches 2nd Annual NaNoWriMo Contest

The innovative hybrid publisher Riverdale Avenue Books announces their second annual National Novel Writing Month Contest after hosting their first successful contest last year. Later this month, the winner of Riverdale Avenue Book’s National Novel Writing Month contest book, Untrustworthy by Janet Gershen-Siegel will be published on Riverdale’ Avenue Book’s HSF and Magnus imprint.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is an annual event that takes place in the month of November to encourage aspiring writers to begin the novel they have always wanted to write. Participants start writing their 50,000-word novel at midnight on November 1st and they have the whole month of November to complete it

Riverdale Avenue Books will begin accepting submissions for the second annual NaNoWriMo contest for 50,000-80,000 word novels in the genres of erotica, erotic romance, horror, science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, thrillers, and LGBT fiction to Riverdale Avenue Books on December 1st, 2014. The submission process will close at midnight on February 15th, 2015. Riverdale Avenue Books’ team of editors will evaluate the submissions and choose first place winners, as well as honorable mentions, from each genre for publication by Riverdale Avenue Books.

“Riverdale Avenue Books is always looking for new talented authors and I was blown away when I read Untrustworthy,” said Riverdale Avenue Books Publisher Lori Perkins. “We wanted to host another NaNoWriMo contest give other talented writers a chance.”

Winners will be notified by email by March 15, 2015. Each book chosen will be eligible for standard contract terms, including publication as both print and ebook. The winning books will be published in 2015.

Please submit completed novels in a word document format with a brief author bio and book synopsis to submissions@riverdaleavebooks.com.

Award-Winning Erotic Romance Author Cecilia Tan Relauches Magic U Series at Riverdale Avenue Books

LGBTQ New Adult for Fans of the Harry Potter Series

Riverdale, NY- October 22, 2014 – The innovative hybrid publisher, Riverdale Avenue Books will republish Cecilia Tan’s Magic University, an LGBTQ New Adult fantasy series for fans of Harry Potter, beginning with the first book in the series, The Siren and the Sword.

Tan, who recently won both the Magnolia Award from the Georgia Romance Writers of America and The Reviewers Choice Award from Romantic Times for best Erotic Romance, had been writing Harry Potter fan fiction undercover when she was approached by Riverdale’s editor Lori Perkins about turning her passion into publishable prose.  By creating all new protagonists in college, so that they were all over 18, Tan was able to create a secret university in Cambridge, Massachusetts where just about anything is possible. Through the course of four books that take place over Kyle Wadsworth’s undergraduate career, we study all sorts of adult magick and sorcery that would make J.K. Rowling blush, gasp and groan.

"I wrote these books for all my grown-up friends who loved Harry Potter but who felt that the Harry Potter books ended just when things were about to get complicated and interesting for Harry and all his friends," said author Cecilia Tan.

Riverdale is thrilled to re-introduce these titles to the reading public now that the New Adult label of books featuring 18-24 year old protagonists is getting so much attention and making the best-seller lists. “These books are the perfect blend of new adult angst, romantic fantasy and sex magic,” said RAB’s Publisher Lori Perkins. “They belong on the best-seller list.”

Tan added, “"When I wrote these originally, 'new adult' wasn't a genre yet, and I was asking myself why aren't there romances with protagonists who are 18, 19, 20 years old? That's the magical time of first love and experimentation. The magical time of love lessons. In Magic University, I made those lessons literal." 

Riverdale Avenue Books will be releasing a book a month from this series, as well as a collection of short stories in the Magic University universe.

The first book in the series is available in ebook format for $6.99 and in print for $16.99, as well as an audio book on Audible Books for ?

About Cecilia Tan

Cecilia Tan is "simply one of the most important writers, editors, and innovators in contemporary American erotic literature," according to Susie Bright. In 2013 she was a nominee for the Career Achievement Award in Erotica in the RT Magazine Reviewers Choice Awards and her novel Slow Surrender (Hachette/Forever, 2013) won the RT Reviewers Choice Award for Erotic Romance and the Magnolia Award for Best Erotic Romance from the Georgia Chapter of Romance Writers of America (RWA). In addition to being a best-selling authors of erotic romance and science fiction, she has been the award-winning publisher of Circlet Books for two decades and has been indicted into the Saints & Sinners Hall of Fame for GLBT writers in 2010, was a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Leather Association in 2004, and won the inaugural Rose & Bay Awards for crowd-funded fiction in 2010 for her web fiction serial Daron's Guitar Chronicles.

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Lindsay Lohan: Fully Loaded just Pubbed; First Lohan Bio

                                                                                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
                                                                                   CONTACT: Alyssa Tognetti
                                                                                   Astonish Media Group

“Lohan: Fully Loaded: From Disney to Disaster: An Unauthorized Biography” 
                                            Released by Riverdale Avenue Books

- New York Times Best-selling Author Marc Shapiro Writes the First Book Chronicling Lindsay Lohan’s Adult Life -

Riverdale, NY- September 24, 2014 – The innovative hybrid publisher, Riverdale Avenue Book just published the first biography of Lindsay Lohan as an adult recounting her bizarre free-fall from Disney princess to America’s favorite train wreck. Lindsay Lohan: Fully Loaded: From Disney to Disaster: An Unauthorized Biography is an update on the classic Hollywood tale of talent and promise cut short by well-chronicled alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, a dysfunctional childhood, emotional issues and the willingness of a shark-like media to attack at every turn.

As told by New York Times best-selling author Marc Shapiro, Lindsay Lohan: Fully Loaded: From Disney to Disaster tells the story of a child brought up in the midst of a dysfunctional and often violent and substance-abusing family. Lindsay’s talent ultimately brought her to Hollywood where hit movies and growing celebrity had the entertainment world pegging her as the next IT girl. What followed was a steady decline as Lindsay’s inability to cope with real world realities and the fantasy of ‘Tinsel Town’ manifested itself in countless stints in rehab and run-ins with the law as she slowly, but surely, burned every emotional and professional bridge on an odyssey that currently has her making a literal last stand in London.

"Writing this book was an emotional rollercoaster. One moment I was pulling for Lindsay to fight off her demons so I could write a happy ending. The next I was totally ticked off at the forces that were letting Lindsay slide through life. To be honest, I was pulling for Lindsay to face harsh reality and maybe a stint behind bars,” said author Marc Shapiro. “Lindsay continues to skate at the largesse of enablers, dysfunctional parents and a legal system that continues to let her slide. Consequently, this is a work in progress with no end in sight.”

“Lindsay Lohan’s fall fascinates us because we all watched her grow up from The Parent Trap and her Disney films to Mean Girls, and we’ve been somewhat stunned by her decade long free-fall. We are fascinated by her life because we all want to see her overcome the odds and prove the pundits wrong, but at the same time we shake our heads and say, 'we saw it coming.’ Lindsay Lohan is the favorite train wreck of her generation and yet, we are all still rooting for her,” said Publisher Lori Perkins. “Lindsay Lohan: Fully Loaded is a page-turner even though we know what happens on every page.”

The book is available in ebook format for $9.99 and in print with photos is $16.99.

About Marc Shapiro
Marc Shapiro is the New York Times bestselling author of We Love Jenni - An Unauthorized Biography, The Secret Life of EL James, Who is Katie Holmes? - An Unauthorized Biography, Legally Bieber: Justin Bieber at 18, J.K. Rowling: The Wizard Behind Harry Potter, Justin Bieber: The Fever!, Game: The Resurrection of Tim Tebow and many other bestselling celebrity biographies. He is a freelance entertainment journalist covering film, television, and music for a number of national and international newspapers and magazines.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Falling in Love with the Passport to a Fling Series

Sometimes you just want to curl up with a really good love story.

I was lucky enough to do that this holiday weekend, although I didn't know that was going to be on the agenda.

I had met Adam Carpenter a few years ago and encouraged him to start writing "smut," and he complied, selling his first erotic short story to me when I was the Editorial Director of Ravenous Romance in the Men in Shorts anthology I edited there.  From there, he went on to write a few short stories,  and then the Desperate Husbands series (which I still love).  But, as you all know, I left RR to start Riverdale Avenue Books, and I left a few of Adam's books there as well.

Passport to a Fling started as a short story about three gay friends who have been looking for nookie in all the wrong NY neighborhoods and challenge themselves to find love in Paris, Rome and London, respectively.   French Men, Italian Guys and English Lads were published under different titles, after my tenure as editor.

But I reconnected with Adam when I learned that he had sold some books to Ellora's Cave and he told me that he had gotten the rights to this earlier series back.  I jumped at the chance to publish them, especially over the long Labor  Day weekend when I was hoping that my readers could devour them like the delicious book man candy they are.

So I sat down to edit them fairly rapidly, and just fell in love with Matt, Freddie and Jake.  The settings were romantic and the situations were exciting.  I was honestly disappointed when the series ended, so I asked Adam to write us a Christmas story, which he will do (mark your calendar).

I hope you'll enjoy these hot m/m erotic romances as much as I did.  Or as much as one of my other favorite erotic romance writers, Ryan Field, did:

I love all of Adam Carpenter's work because there's a special quality that draws me into his stories with characters I can relate to on one level and fantasize about on another. [Passport] to a Fling, and the series, always takes me to places that I think we all dream about from time to time. And following the lives of these unforgettable characters is about as good and authentic as it gets nowadays.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

BDSM Writers Conference is All Joey Hill's Fault

Reprinted from RomanceBeat.com

At the opening ceremonies of the First Annual BDSM Writers Con in Manhattan’s Roosevelt Hotel, founder and hostess Dr. Charley Ferrer tearfully confessed that the reason the conference exists today was because she’d read a book; in particular Joey W. Hill’s novel The Vampire Queen’s Servant.  Doctor Charley stated, “…it was the first BDSM book I ever read that depicted a Dominant woman respectfully and with great empathy. This was especially important to me as I identify as a Dominant woman and it’s rare that I find a book that doesn’t portray me as a club owning ProDom servicing men,” she explained.
Impressed with the author, Doctor Charley jokingly states she wrote “Joey” a fan letter that started with the line, “I’m really disappointed to find out you are a woman because I wanted to kidnap Jacob…”  (Jacob was the hero in the story.)

Doctor Charley said that she started the BDSM Writers’ Conference because she wanted to help decrease the level of misconceptions and prejudice that exists and help other authors create realistic characters where the BDSM practiced was authentic and the characters were real.  Doctor Charley stated that BDSM is a very individual experience, and that she did not see that diversity in popular culture, so she wanted to bring that variety to the written page.

When Joey W. Hill got up to give her keynote address, she said that Dr. Ferrer had almost taken the wind from her sails, because the point Joey wanted to make was that the real life experience of BDSM is so very personal. She then went on to share how she never understood that she had a submissive streak in her until she became a writer, but looking back, as a little girl, she always had “Ken hold Barbie captive in a dungeon” and she had been awed by the service the Knights of the Round Table offered to their King and Ladies. Joey shared that the first time her husband, who she said is “not a dom - he considers himself ‘vanilla with a mean streak'” tied her up, she had a cathartic release.  But she explained that this was before the internet, so for her it was a very personal journey “explored in solitude.”

Joey then commented that for her, the practice of BDSM is “Soul Love - love that speaks to the need to connect and trust, to be safe and accepted in a very lonely world,” adding that if she can give her readers a “one-handed read or a revelation, or both, it’s a win-win.”

Joey W. Hill ended by saying that she would consider herself “a success as a writer if her books made a positive effect on just one reader” and Doctor Charley’s tearful confession of inspiration for the conference seemed to bring her full circle.  Joey and Dr. Charley Ferrer both laughed about the fact that they had not shared notes prior to giving their speeches, and yet had a very similar message to share with participants.

You can review their speeches below:

Dr. Charley Ferrer

Welcome…I’m thrilled to have you join me

Stand up --  say hello to the person on either side of you.

Behind and in front

These are the people who are going to share this amazing
four-day journey with you into the world of Dominance and submission. 

Before we get started on this amazing journey, I want to discuss the power of your word.

Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of the four-agreements wrote, “be impeccable with your word!”

He cautioned us to notice how our words affected others, how they can bring about change for better or worse. Being impeccable with your word is about being honest and having integrity and noticing the effects those words have on another.

I want to share with you how one individual’s words affected my life…and by association YOURS.   

A few years ago I read a book...

…it was the first BDSM book I ever read that depicted a Dominant woman respectfully and with great empathy. (This was especially important to me as I identify as a Dominant woman and it’s rare that I find a book that doesn’t portray me as a club owing ProDom servicing men.)

The male submissive in this book was portrayed with such integrity and strength of character that I saw many of my own lovers—themselves submissive/slave men—in the hero. 

The story was fantastic yet it was the respectful and realistic portrayal of the characters personalities that had me falling in love with them and the author.

It was the first time I felt compelled to write an author and congratulate HIM on an awesome book. And so you’ll understand my surprise when I discovered that Joey wasn’t a man at all. Let me share the first sentence of my letter, it began something like this: 

Dear Joey,

“I’m really disappointment to find out you were a woman because I wanted to kidnap Jacob…” 
(Jacob was the hero in the story)

Yep…our very own keynote speaker, Joey W. Hill was the author of this book, The Vampire Queen’s Servant and a catalyst to why you’re all sitting here today.

I wanted to meet Joey and asked if I could interview her for my television show. She connected me with Stella Price who hosts Authors After Dark and Stella invited me to speak at AAD and help normalize BDSM for her participants. While there, I was asked by a publisher if I ever considered writing a book to help writers in the D/s genre.

I never thought of that.  I was so busy trying to get the medical and mental health community to educate themselves about D/s so they could better serve their patients, the thought of teaching authors never occurred to me. Yet now that the seed was planted, the idea took a live of its own. 

Within 6-months I had written BDSM for Writers to provide a basic and intermediate look into the psychology of why individuals participate in Dominance and submission and to give authors just starting in the genre, or perhaps already in it, assistance.

In my book, I provided various tidbits that authors needed to know to make their characters not only more realistic but credible as well.  I even throw in information about how to train a slave and the various uses of humiliation and pain as well as a few exercises that would help them delve into the psychological aspects of submission and dominance.   (My book, BDSM The Naked Truth was the version created for the general public.)

While writing these books, it became clear to me that if I wanted change I had to be willing to stand up and be counted and so I came out of the Leather Closet completely. This did put a strain on my romantic relationships as my partner would now be outed by association.

As for work, the college I taught at thought I might influence my students adversely and some colleagues felt I should be helping to treat my patients to overcome this “perversion” not encourage them to want more.

All these prejudices ONLY SERVED to encourage me provide even more education.

This lead to more connections with writers and the general public and within the year, 2011, I was conducting workshops for writers.

By 2012, I put together a three-day BDSM Intensive workshop for writers where we spoke about the intricacies of the power exchange, the psychological connections men and women make, and the ways writers could incorporate those truths into their stories. 

In 2013, it became apparent that readers also wanted to learn about Dominance and submission and thus, we opened the doors to them as well.  

This, our third year, expands the program from three-days to four as we added a BDSM Book Fair and Between The Covers Erotica Reading Series. I also persuaded a few BDSM Experts I know that I love and trust to provide you with even more information on this highly erotic and often misrepresented lifestyle. Plus, we invited experienced BDSM authors to also share their valuable knowledge. 

As many of you have heard the adage, “there is no ONE WAY to explore BDSM”

And that is true…

HOWEVER you will discover that there is an “individual’s way!”

Over the next four days, I will provide you with BDSM experts and experienced authors who will show you “their” way of enjoying Dominance and submission. And from them, you will start to create your own way of interacting with others—creating your own way of embracing various aspects of this lifestyle.

Writers, I implore you to remember that some of your readers are discovering their desire for dominance and submission for the very first time. Your words, finally give voice to their yearnings. And through your words, you become the judge and jury of whether or not someone’s desires are normal or perverted. Thus, educating yourself –despite the fact that you write fiction—is imperative.

Readers—I challenge you to demand more from your favorite others and discover new ones.

A few years ago I read a book….

Four years, later BDSM Writers Con is a reality!

Today, you embark on a life changing experience. Just imagine what the world will be like next year….

All because of somebody’s words…

Thank you for being here and making my dream of bringing education to help reduce the levels of prejudice that surround BDSM and those that embrace it. 

Now I want to introduce to you the woman who’s the catalyst behind BDSM Writers Con, Joey W. Hill 
by Joey W. Hill

At conferences like this, keynote speakers usually start out with the statement: “I won’t talk for long”. That’s because most of us are introverts terrified of public speaking. You’re not going to hear us getting up here and saying “Okay, settle in, because I plan to be up here a good long time!” We view the podium more like a burning building and the sooner we can escape back to being a faceless member of the audience, the better.

And on that note, I apologize for reading my notes versus memorizing them, but I tend to blank in front of a crowd like a deer in headlights. Or I go into bionic mouth mode, where I can blurt out 500 words in an instant. And I ramble. I’m still likely to ramble, but at least this way you know I’ve limited my rambling to a certain number of pages. I’ll also use hands. I won an award last week and they actually handed me this little fragile glass bauble – the award - right before I walked up to the podium to give my 30 second acceptance speech. All I could imagine was me doing the nervous hands thing and sending it shooting out into the crowd and bouncing off someone’s head. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

So all my caveats done, I’m so glad to be with you all today. I know at times it’s been a bit of a rocky road getting here, but I thank Dr. Charley and her staff for all their hard work to bring us to this moment and giving us the opportunity to attend. When Kathy Kulig and Cris Anson told me about their positive experiences with her in previous years, and then Dr. Charley indicated she wanted to expand the format to include more material and readers in the audience, I knew all those wanting to learn more about BDSM from a writing or personal standpoint would benefit, and I’m so glad to be included as part of that. Both as one of those learning more about it, and one person sharing whatever value my own knowledge has. Dominant/submissive relationships and BDSM practices are all about people – their personalities, desires and needs – so there’s no end to learning in this area. Just like writing a story itself – it always takes turns I don’t expect, and I learn from every set of characters I meet.

I know there were some readers initially concerned about attending this con, who felt that if they were merely curious about learning more about the lifestyle because they enjoy reading it, but aren’t practitioners or authors, that they would somehow be perceived as rude, invasive. Nothing is further from the truth. While most of us in the lifestyle don’t necessarily want to conduct a scene in Times Square (okay, some of us might), at the least it would be lovely to embrace our Dominant or submissive desires openly without fear of losing jobs, our children or the friendship of neighbors.

The key to that is helping educate others about what healthy Dominant and submissive relationships are, and what BDSM practices are all about. Some of it is extremely intuitive – I always give the example of Cesar the Dog Whisperer trying to explain to pet parents what he is doing to help their dog deal with THEIR behavior issues. He’s so good at working with dogs, so intuitive, sometimes it’s hard for him to tell people really what he’s doing. They almost have to feel what he’s feeling. There is some of that in Dom/sub stuff, but I think there’s plenty of area to help those who are curious gain a better overall understanding. Having a hands on front row view this weekend will also help with that. Even if some of the things you see can look a little scary. The first time I saw a consensual non-consent scene, I was like Holy Crap. But I watched, asked questions afterwards, and that CNC scene helped me write a very memorable one for Marcie and Ben in Hostile Takeover. Once I learned more, I understood more, could find areas of empathy and make it work in my writing.

(Pause to signify change of subject)

I thought it might be fun to give you a perspective of my own personal journey of discovery when it comes to BDSM and how that ultimately worked with my writing. In my case, it was my writing that brought me face to face with my orientation as a submissive. Side note here, and a point I’ll return to later as well: As many of you may know, Dominant or submissive tendencies exist in all of us to a certain degree. For some it is a deep orientation that manifests itself not only in a sexual way but in a lot of other aspects of your life, and probably started in childhood. That was the situation for me. For others it’s a fun area to explore to spice up a relationship. For some it’s something you enjoy only in the pages of a book. All of those are valid ways to experience and explore BDSM, so my examples/experiences are only one of many paths.

When I wrote my first erotic romance, Make Her Dreams Come True, I wasn’t familiar with BDSM other than the distorted, horrible things we tend to see in movies and TV crime dramas. Much as I love Shemar Moore, Thomas Gibson and Criminal Minds, if the only familiarity one had with the terms Dominant/submissive were from that show, we’d all be under FBI watch.

I had no intention of Make Her Dreams Come True being a BDSM book, or even over the top erotic. It was going to be a spicy romance that took place between two people who meet in a mall. Next thing I knew, Daniel was tying Meg up to ladders, spanking her with a belt, picking out her clothes, and teaching her to call him Master. And giving her a key scene or two to act as the Dominant herself.

The Internet was barely in its infancy, so I had no real resources to figure out what I’d unleashed inside myself, so I decided to follow my personal desires. The first time my husband tied me up, I cried. Not just a few tears. It was a catharsis, as if something had broken open inside me that had been locked up for years. The depth of my reaction scared us both. I was afraid something was wrong with me, wanting and needing that feeling of restraint, and I was afraid I wanted it so much that that need would destroy our relationship. My husband is not a Dom. He describes himself as “vanilla with a mean streak”. He’s been trying to figure out what Fetlife name he should use, and I thought “mean bean” would be really fitting based on that description, but he chose something else.

Anyhow, that moment made me realize my submissive needs ran deeper than just a desire to spice up the relationship.  This is where I started what my husband might call re-engineering – taking something apart to figure out how it was put together. First, I looked at my then current “day job” career. I have a management degree, but during the 20 some years I was building toward my fulltime writing career, the job I embraced was administrative support. I loved serving people, making them shine, making their lives easier. I was detail-oriented, exacting about how I wanted things done, because doing them right was important to ensure the people I was serving could do their best job.

Because my husband is quiet and shy, and I’m a control freak who has to take over if something isn’t being done right, many people assume that I’m a Domme. Whereas those pretty deep into it, after they spend any time with me, pick up on the power service side quickly. In fact, I have to share - at Authors After Dark, Carrie Ann Ryan and Sasha White were having a good time messing with me during our Mastered photo shoot. We were dressed up for it, and I was wearing a corset and chain mail choke collar type thing, so Carrie Ann was running a crop along my shoulder and Sasha grabbed me by the collar, just to get that little dazed reaction you often see in a sub’s eye… Sadists, all of them.

Going back to my early year reflections about being a submissive, a couple key moments from my childhood also come to mind. I remember being absorbed in the stories of the Knights of the Round Table, especially how these powerful, amazing men would go to their knees and beg for a favor from a lady, or serve their king to their last breath. Their service was as powerful as a faith, even when they were capable of leading armies, fighting dragons and bravery I couldn’t even imagine.

I also remember Ken holding my Barbies captive in a dungeon, tying them up by wrists, hair, whatnot. One of my favorite role playing games was being the tied up damsel in distress that Batman rescued – yes, the Adam West Batman – he was so masterful - only I was more intrigued by being tied up than rescued. Most times, Batman ended up tying me up again. I think Adam would have been in to that. He gave me that vibe.

In my teens, I latched onto bodice rippers that not-so-subtly reflected elements of Dominance and submission with their heroes and heroines. My memory is a bit fuzzy, but I’m pretty sure it was Elizabeth Lowell’s historical romance Untamed where the hero imprisoned the heroine in luxurious quarters and told her he would gain her trust the same way he did his falcons, feeding her only from his fingertips, teaching her to respond to his voice and touch alone. Then there was Valerie Sherwood’s Bold, Breathless Love, where the pirate captain ravished the heroine over and over to give her the will to live when he feared she’d lose her life to grief. The Kubler-Ross model should really incorporate that idea into addressing the five stages of grief.

Finally, I remember a friend with strong feminist viewpoints who grumbled about her fiancé wanting to give her an engagement ring. She told him if he needed to give her a symbol of ownership, he could just pee in a circle around her. I thought about that, the ring as a symbol of possession, of ownership (lift hand to show ring), and I thought…hmmm. That’s really hot.

So the signs of my sub orientation had always been there. However, as ironic as it sounds in this setting – and bear with me on that - in some ways I’m glad that my journey started in solitude, rather than where I had a great deal of resources at my disposal. I figured out who and what I was without being overwhelmed by terminology, the way other people do it, etc. I explored the psychology of being a Dom or sub in my erotic romances long before I did the mechanics, the toys, the trappings. As a result, the psychology has remained the strongest leading element in my books, and I think that element holds the deepest appeal to romance readers. At least, I know it does for me.

I learned just how individual being a submissive – or a Dominant – is, and that in turn has allowed my writing to explore a great deal of areas without stifling myself by worrying if I was doing it right or wrong…I just followed my own observations and understandings and let the characters guide me, whether I was writing Doms, subs, switches or everything else in between.

Now, before you think “is she saying that attending a conference like this isn’t worthwhile?” I can say the answer to that is far from it. I’m VERY glad there are now resources like this con where you can validate your understandings, learn more and steer yourself away from the pitfalls. Not everyone who wants to write BDSM has a Dom/sub orientation and, as I mentioned earlier, the best way to help people understand what healthy BDSM is, is to portray it with reasonable accuracy. Even if you have the orientation, there is SO much to learn about this lifestyle. I discover new stuff all the time. I cringe at the stuff I did get wrong in those early books.

No, the reason I brought that up is that, when this weekend is done and you’re going home with all sorts of new knowledge, don’t forget the heart of your story is your characters, and what their unique Dominant and submissive desires and needs are. They lead the way, and the direction they take will determine how you apply the knowledge here. Not the other way around.

If there is one point you’ll likely hear me repeat this weekend, it’s that just like faith, happiness and putting on your clothes every morning, there is no one way to truth and understanding. Love and faith are closely related to me, and I’ve always been baffled by the idea that there’s only one path. We’re a species that can’t limit themselves to one pair of shoes, yet we’re supposed to have only one right way of expressing love, faith, belief, etc… In BDSM there are basic tenets that are important for everyone to observe – safety, personal responsibility – but how we experience our Dominance or submission – is a very individual journey. And that’s an important thing to remember if you are a writer in or out of the lifestyle, trying to write a great BDSM story, or if you are a reader wanting to learn more about it.

I know there are those here who write erotica versus erotic romance, so forgive me if I keep mentioning romance, because it’s what I know. Unfortunately, BDSM romance fights the same fight mainstream romance itself has fought. First off, we all battle the immaturity of our society when it comes to sex. After thousands of years, you’d think most of us would have progressed beyond viewing sex the way 12 year old boys do, snickering over their first Playboy. Yet, whether you loved or hated 50 Shades of Grey, when it first came out, what happened? It was immediately dubbed mommy porn, which to me, seemed to be a tactic to trivialize and denigrate it. After all, if it’s a book that encourages us to embrace our sexuality, we should mock it, right?

Early on in my writing career, I was told putting lots of sex into your story was just a way to avoid the hard work of writing an ACTUAL good book. Why we haven’t matured to the point we can see sex as a valid emotional and spiritual component of a relationship, a way to reach deeper levels of ourselves and our understanding of others, I’m not sure. But the very cool thing is it’s something that we understand when we’re neck deep in a Dom/sub interaction, in person or in the pages of a book. To me that is one of its deepest appeals. We can pity those who decide to stand on the outside and condemn it, seeing only silly role playing games, or manifestations of deviant, abusive behavior, but those who seek to experience or understand it will see it differently.

The way we love is very much the same at the soul level. Beneath male, female, white, black, gay, straight, vanilla, kink, we’re all souls. We need to connect, to trust, to feel safe with and accepted by someone in this often lonely world. Sex is a sacred act. It’s a vital part of our romantic relationships, can aid emotional growth, and has been a part of many faiths. If someone enjoys my book as a one-handed read or as a personal revelation, that’s lovely, but when it ends up being both, I consider that a win-win.

I want to wind this up with a few comments about the integrity of our craft. Authors have many reasons for writing BDSM stories. For some it’s a personal exploration; that’s how it started for me, coupled to my love of romance and a desire to see more explicit sexual content in it. Yes, I wanted to be successful. But it wasn’t my overriding goal. I didn’t want my sales figures to be based on some marketing genius figuring out how to convince people the naked emperor was wearing Armani, or chasing trends. I wanted my success to be because one reader read my book, and thought WOW, I want to share this with someone else. Someone else NEEDS to read this so I can talk to them about it.

Ultimately, this cycles around to help me as well, because my subject pretty much rules out discussions with family, childhood friends and co-workers. Fortunately I found readers who are willing to talk to me about things like “how did Gideon feel when Daegan had him tied over double and was going at him like a jackhammer?” For some reason my brother didn’t want to go there with me. His reluctance kind of relieves me because there are discussions I don’t want to have with family members either.

As anyone in this audience knows who has written a story worth telling, writing is hard work, no matter the genre, because the elements of a great story are all the same – great characters, craft, story development. In short, it involves hours of your time, effort, and a mix of emotions from frustration to elation. There are those out there who write just for money, yes, but for most of us we write what’s in our heart, what our muse tells us to write. It’s way too hard to write a great story to do it just for money.

Use this conference to help you write an even better story, or help you appreciate the BDSM books you read even more – or both. I hope all your experiences at the con will be positive ones, but I encourage you to explore your own feelings about what you see, ask questions, and learn all you can from the many resources that are here. Be respectful, kind and patient with one another, and above all, have a good time. I thank Dr. Charley and her hard working volunteers again for making this happen and hope this first year of an expanded format will become a resource for BDSM writers and readers we can all enjoy annually, for years to come.

Thank you.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Riverdale Avenue Books Co-Sponsors BDSM Writers Con & Publishes First Annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology

Riverdale Avenue Books has signed on as a sponsor of the BDSM Writers Conference where erotic romance and erotica authors will come to New York City to explore the real life world of 50 Shades of Grey. Authors and readers will learn to navigate the nuances of power exchange relationships as well as how to flog and whip and write about it from August 21-24th.

In addition, Riverdale Avenue Books has teamed up with conference founder Dr. Charley Ferrer, a BDSM educator and clinical sexologist, to publish the first annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology which features 21 stories and essays by the conference’s featured authors which include erotica legend Laura Antoniou, Lambda Award-wining author Debra Hyde, as well as three new writers and established erotica authors such as Cris Anson, Gray Dixon and Roz Lee. The First Annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology is now available for pre-orders at the conference website and will make its debut at the conference where readers can  purchase it during the BDSM Book Fair & Between The Covers Erotica Reading Series on Sunday from noon to 4:00 p.m.  This event is free and open to the public.   

The con is divided into two tracks: "writers" and "everyone." The writers track focuses on craft and includes a panel presentation facilitated by Riverdale Avenue Books Publisher, Lori Perkins. Editors from Samhain and Loose Id, as well as established literary agents and anthology editors are also attending. The track for readers and fans, in addition to the opportunity to meet favorite writers, includes live demos and lifestyle workshops.

The weekend is capped off with a night out at an actual BDSM club on Saturday, followed by a book fair and reading on Sunday, which is being presented by Riverdale Avenue Books’ Between the Covers reading series. Thirty-eight featured authors, from conference keynote speaker and NY Times best selling author Joey Hill to Laura Antoniou will read and sign books. The Between the Covers reading features a unique dirty word raffle where participants are encouraged to write a favorite dirty word on a piece of paper (with initials because dirty minds think alike). Prizes include a corset from hipsandcurves.com (a $150 value), samples of Dude Wipes, Simply Slick Oil Based Lubricant and Uberlube Silicone Lubricant from MySecretLuxury.com, and signed books by the readers.

“I am thrilled to be working with Dr. Charley Ferrer on this innovative, educational writers and readers conference and hope that the next 50 Shades of Grey will come out of the BDSM community,” said Lori Perkins, Publisher of Riverdale Avenue Books and author of 50 Writers on 50 Shades of Grey.

Dr. Charley Ferrer said of this alliance, “BDSM Writers Con is dedicated to bringing education and a greater understanding to authors and readers of Dominance and submission; a highly erotic and often misrepresented lifestyle. It’s my pleasure and honor to work with Riverdale Avenue Books to bring together over twenty of our Featured Authors in our FIRST Annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology.”

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Between the Covers Downtown Pam McKenna, Arla Dahl and Emanuel Xavier This Friday

This month’s DOWNTOWN event bring authors Pam McKenna, Arla Dahl, and Emanuel Xavier to our downtown venue People Kitchen, 163 Allen Street. Reading starts at 7:00 pm.
Pam McKenna has been an avid storyteller since she was old enough to put pencil to paper. Her number-one passion is the written word, though if you read her novellas, you might conclude that her true passions lie elsewhere. And you’d be right. Pam loves erotic romance and has never been shy about pulling out the stops and treating her readers to five-alarm fantasies centered around BDSM and ménage a trois. Pam McKenna is the pen name of a best-selling romance author.

Arla Dahl is a lover and ardent reader of all things sexy and suspenseful. As a moody writer – she is moody and so is her writing – she loves atmosphere and intrigue, and she drenches her gritty erotic tales in both. In her Immoral Virtue Trilogy, she exposes, examines and revises the horrors of the 17th Century witch trials. Deeply moved by the viciousness of the times, Arla turns history on its ear until the very trait that caused so many people to be seen as “susceptible to the temptations of evil”, becomes the one thing that can set them free. Lust.

Emanuel Xavier is the author of the novel, Christ Like, the poetry collections, Pier Queen, Americano: Growing up Gay and Latino in the USA, If Jesus Were Gay & other poems, Nefarious and the spoken word/music collaboration album, Legendary- The Spoken Word Poetry of Emanuel Xavier, which inspired a choreographed dance presentation and a music video, Emanuel Xavier was named an LGBT History Month Icon by the Equality Forum, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance national and international gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights through education. He’ll read from Studs: Gay Erotic Fiction,edited by Richard Labonte, introduced by Emanuel Xavier.

About Studs:Gay Erotic Fiction: Rough and surly, smooth and sultry, or quick and raw — however you like it, you’ll find it in Studs, 20 of the hottest and best-written man-to-man sex stories to appear in print this year. In “Underground Operator” two men on a nearly empty subway platform indulge in rough, anonymous sex that lets them momentarily forget the stifling summer heat. “Donuts to Demons” finds a self-described “rock-n-roll artfag” searching for a lover “as patient and gifted and generous as he advertised on Craigslist.”

We’ll have our unique dirty word raffle where participants are encouraged to write a favorite dirty word on a piece of paper (with initials because dirty minds think alike). Prizes include from hipsandcurves.com corsets (a $150 value), samples of Dude Wipes, Simply Slick Oil Based Lubricant and Uberlube Silicone Lubricant from MySecretLuxury.com, and books by the readers.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Riverdale Avenue Books Re-releases “The Hot Streak” in Print from Romance Author, Cecilia Tan

“The Hot Streak is an interesting take on loving someone who is in the limelight. I enjoyed the book and found it to be an entertaining read.”—Coffee Time Romance

Riverdale, NY – June 20, 2014 – The innovative hybrid publisher Riverdale Avenue Books just re-released and published The Hot Streak from award-winning erotic romance author and baseball expert Cecilia Tan. This is the first time The Hot Streak is available in both print and ebook formats.

“If you loved ‘Bull Durham’ and ‘Fever Pitch’, then The Hot Streak is definitely for you,” said Riverdale Avenue Books’ Publisher Lori Perkins. “The last scene made me cry with joy and a little bit of envy. I could not put it down.”

In The Hot Streak, girl next-door Casey hits it big when she meets major league baseball player Tyler Hammond at a photo shoot and they start up a steamy romance. Traveling with Tyler, she’s living it up and enjoying all the hot sex she can get between games. But when Tyler’s on a winning streak, he thinks it is thanks to Casey—and she has to decide for herself: is this the real deal, or just a summer fling?

"Writing this book was a real indulgence for me," says the author, Cecila Tan. "I fell in love with baseball when I was ten years old. Baseball players were my Prince Charmings, stadiums were my Cinderella's castle, and The Hot Streak is my chance to tell a 'fairy tale' romance my way."

About Cecilia Tan

Cecilia Tan is the award-winning author of numerous works of romance and erotica, not to mention her baseball nonfiction. Her novel Slow Surrender won the RT Reviewers Choice Award for Erotic Romance. Her other romances include Mind Games, the Struck by Lightning series, and the Magic University series. Tan's erotic short stories have been collected in the books Black Feathers, White Flames, Edge Plays, and Telepaths Don't Need Safewords and she has also edited close to a hundred erotica anthologies for various publishers including Circlet Press, the publishing house she founded in 1992. She lives in the Boston area with her partner corwin and three cats.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Why Let Fantasy Writers Have All the Fun? Guest Post by Donna Minkowitz

I wrote Growing Up Golem, among other reasons, out of a profound envy of the work that fantasy writers do. Magic swords, evil usurpers, captive monsters straining to be free- aren't they the language of the soul? Just as important, aren't they fun?

The elements of fantasy are active in all of our brains, no matter what culture we come from, or what our politics are.

Impossible trials, shapeshifting lovers, child-eaters, kings and queens -- they are all there in their richness and glory, inevitably becoming part of the lens through which we see ourselves psychologically.

But I am a memoir writer, and the story I wanted to tell was my own sad, funny, freaky one. I always felt like my body and even my heart belonged to my mother, who wasn't physically sexually abusive, but definitely was verbally, and in the way she treated me in emotional terms as her lover, not a child.

And despite the way she might sound in that rather clinical description, my mother was alluring. She was brilliant, beautiful, and always talked to me about books. It was hard not to be captivated by her. And yet she made my sisters and me admire and praise her body, her mind, and her accomplishments so often that sometimes I wished my tongue would fall out rather than have to praise her just once more.

I felt like nothing and no one, unable to be desired, scarcely able to desire anyone because it had felt so shameful (and yet somehow inevitable) to want my mom.

But rather than tell this story as just another sad, heavy memoir about unpleasant things, I decided to tell it through the language of playfulness, fantasy, and myth -- the language in which we dream of impossible journeys, and creative transformations out of being stuck.

My mother had often "joked" with my sisters and me that she herself was God, and she had told us in all seriousness that she could do medieval Jewish magic from the Kabbalah. I decided to tell the story as though she had used Jewish magic to create me as a golem, a magical servant made of clay from Jewish legend.

I tell the real story of my life, but all as though I were a golem trying to do it, and pass for human. So, as a lesbian golem, I go and write for the Village Voice, I try to be a radical activist, I try to date real human women, but because I am only a fake person – an automaton made of clay – I am never able to have real power over my life.

But there is a very painful, difficult way that golems can become human, and eventually I find out about it…Thanks, fantasy writers, for giving me some of the tools to write this journey!
Donna Minkowitz


Buy the book on Amazon: http://amzn.to/SXvmr9

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

YA Novel by Head of Lambda Foundation Just Pubbed by RAB/Magnus

The President of the Board of Lambda Literary Foundation, S. Chris Shirley, published his first book with RAB/Magnus Books. Playing by the Book was included in The Advocate's 10 Great Summer Reads and Kirkus just named Shirley "an author worth watching."

Playing by the Book is about seventeen-year-old high school newspaper editor Jake Powell, fresh from Alabama, who lands in New York City to attend Columbia University's prestigious summer journalism program. For Jake, it's a dream come true, but his father, a fundamentalist Christian preacher, smells trouble. And his father is rarely wrong.

Jake navigates new and unfamiliar ways "up North,” starting with his feelings for a handsome Jewish classmate named Sam. What Jake could keep hidden back home now rises to the surface in the Big Apple. Standing by his side are a gorgeous brunette with a Park Avenue attitude and the designer bags to match, a high school friend who has watched Jake grow up and isn't sure she's ready to let him go, and an outrageously flamboyant aunt who's determined to help Jake find the courage to accept love and avoid the pain that she has experienced.

Playing by the Book adds an important new voice to Young Adult fiction. S. Chris Shirley has written a highly personal story about the intersections of sexuality and Christianity that he's ideally suited to tell. The novel's protagonist,  Jake, reminds us that coming out as gay remains a big deal for people raised in religious fundamentalism,” says Magnus editor Don Weise. “It's not an easy path, as Playing by the Book makes clear.”

Alex Sanchez, author of The God Box and Boyfriends with Girlfriends says, “In Playing by the Book, S. Chris Shirley tells a story I loved curling up with, featuring one of the most endearing teen protagonists I've read in years.”

Provocative and moving, Playing by the Book is a feel-good novel about the joy and heartbreak we encounter in the search for our own truth.

About S. Chris Shirley
Chris is an award-winning writer, director and President of the Board of Lambda Literary Foundation. He directed Roger Kuhn’s music video, “What’s Your Name,” which aired nationally in the US and made the annual MTV-Logo Top 10. He also wrote and directed “Plus,” an award-winning short film that played at film festivals internationally.

He graduated from Auburn University where he served as photo editor of The Auburn University Plainsman. He later received a graduate degree from Columbia University and studied filmmaking at New York University. He was born and raised in Greenville, Alabama, and now resides in Manhattan. Playing by the Book is Chris’ first book. Visit Chris online at http://schrisshirley.com/.

Friday, June 6, 2014

'Gay Twilight Published by Riverdale Avenue Books/Magnus

 Venomoid: The Night Code Saga: Book One by J.A. Kossler is the First Book of the Series

Riverdale, NY – June 7, 2014 – Riverdale Avenue Books’ LGBT Imprint Magnus Books has just published the first title in The Night Code Saga, Venomoid which Riverdale Avenue Books Publisher Lori Perkins describes as a “Gay Twilight.”

The world of the The Night Code Saga features paranormal creatures governed by a secret police force, the IPO, that ensures vampires, zombies, and others follow all required public safety regulations. Among the officers is seventeen year-old Lorin, the IPO's most skilled cadet. His co-workers distrust him and, in extreme cases, barely tolerate him. As a vampire, he must follow the rules--including turning a blind eye to the IPO's practice of torturing prisoners--or face death by sunlight exposure.

On one intense dragon-hunting mission, Lorin encounters Lex, a handsome but flesh-eating paranormal who is quickly intrigued by the young vampire. Lorin fears this hunter, but as an unexpected friendship unfolds between the two, an even more unlikely romance blossoms. The problem is Lex is on the IPO's radar, and when they capture him for scientific experimentation, Lorin must risk his life to overthrow the organization he's always feared in order to save his love.

Magnus Books Editorial Director Don Weise calls Venomoid “a harrowing and yet tender love story told with great compassion and enthusiasm. Readers will be rooting for Lorin and Lex from their first encounter.”

“I have always been an avid reader of young adult literature, especially fantasy and paranormal romance. However, in reading the genre, I had never come across a gay protagonist, and very few characters who were not both cis (gendered) and hetereosexual,” said J.A. Kossler. “LGBT representation is important to me, and I hope that my contribution to the young adult genre will help fill the hole for younger readers who, like me, were looking for LGBT protagonists.”

Buy the ebook for $6.99 at Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com or the print version for $16.99.

About J.A. Kossler

J.A. Kossler is the founder and owner of Explorer Games, a company that creates and manages a collection of online computer games. Among them is Aywas.com, a colorful world full of fantasy creatures, and Felisfire.com, a genetics game based on breeding winged cats. Both websites' communities—tens of thousands of members—are primarily young adults, and have expressed interest in their administrator's work. When not writing or working, J.A. likes drawing, conceptualizing new games, and taking care of dozens of pet snakes.