Friday, June 6, 2014

'Gay Twilight Published by Riverdale Avenue Books/Magnus

 Venomoid: The Night Code Saga: Book One by J.A. Kossler is the First Book of the Series

Riverdale, NY – June 7, 2014 – Riverdale Avenue Books’ LGBT Imprint Magnus Books has just published the first title in The Night Code Saga, Venomoid which Riverdale Avenue Books Publisher Lori Perkins describes as a “Gay Twilight.”

The world of the The Night Code Saga features paranormal creatures governed by a secret police force, the IPO, that ensures vampires, zombies, and others follow all required public safety regulations. Among the officers is seventeen year-old Lorin, the IPO's most skilled cadet. His co-workers distrust him and, in extreme cases, barely tolerate him. As a vampire, he must follow the rules--including turning a blind eye to the IPO's practice of torturing prisoners--or face death by sunlight exposure.

On one intense dragon-hunting mission, Lorin encounters Lex, a handsome but flesh-eating paranormal who is quickly intrigued by the young vampire. Lorin fears this hunter, but as an unexpected friendship unfolds between the two, an even more unlikely romance blossoms. The problem is Lex is on the IPO's radar, and when they capture him for scientific experimentation, Lorin must risk his life to overthrow the organization he's always feared in order to save his love.

Magnus Books Editorial Director Don Weise calls Venomoid “a harrowing and yet tender love story told with great compassion and enthusiasm. Readers will be rooting for Lorin and Lex from their first encounter.”

“I have always been an avid reader of young adult literature, especially fantasy and paranormal romance. However, in reading the genre, I had never come across a gay protagonist, and very few characters who were not both cis (gendered) and hetereosexual,” said J.A. Kossler. “LGBT representation is important to me, and I hope that my contribution to the young adult genre will help fill the hole for younger readers who, like me, were looking for LGBT protagonists.”

Buy the ebook for $6.99 at Amazon and or the print version for $16.99.

About J.A. Kossler

J.A. Kossler is the founder and owner of Explorer Games, a company that creates and manages a collection of online computer games. Among them is, a colorful world full of fantasy creatures, and, a genetics game based on breeding winged cats. Both websites' communities—tens of thousands of members—are primarily young adults, and have expressed interest in their administrator's work. When not writing or working, J.A. likes drawing, conceptualizing new games, and taking care of dozens of pet snakes.

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