Wednesday, April 18, 2018

RAB Publishes Third Erotic Mash-Up by IPPY-Award Winning Author Lissa Trevor, Domme Quixote

Riverdale Avenue Books has just published Domme Quixote by IPPY-Award winner Lissa Trevor, her third erotic romance mash-up wherein she creates a fem domme re-imaging of Cervantes’ Don Quixote.

Dulcinea del Toboso runs a nightclub that's part dungeon/part live-action theater.  Her exclusive clientele pay a great deal to be told erotic stories at Chivalry and be led on sexual adventures that includes BDSM, voyeurism and multiple partners. In addition to her harem of slaves, Dulcinea has her eye on conquering her chief of security, Alonso Quixano.

Alonso, however, doesn't mix work with pleasure—no matter how much Dulcinea gets under his skin.  He would like nothing more than to spend endless nights of pleasure with her.  However, he's not one to wait in line.  And the line for Dulcinea's bed is varied and never ending.

When mobster Gino de Pasamonte decides his money can buy the best Dominatrix in the tri-state area, he's in for a big surprise when she puts him in a chastity cage and punts him out of her club, naked, for disrespecting her.  Now, Gino is out for revenge and it's up to Dulcinea and Alonso to stop him from destroying Chivalry, her reputation, and her devoted slaves.

“Unlike my other mash-ups, it was virtually impossible to tell an erotic story in between Cervantes' prose.  So I took his wonderful stories instead and modernized them with a "play within a play" motif,” said Author Lissa Trevor. “Dulcinea may be putting on a show using Don Quixote's famous escapades, but it's often she that is "tilting at windmills" as she goes about running her club and managing her slaves.”
“Trevor’s creative wit never ceases to amaze me as she weaves together these classics we know and love with contemporary erotic imaginings. ” said Publisher Lori Perkins.

Lissa is the author of Menage a Musketeer which won the 2016 IPPY erotica gold medal, as well as Spank Me, Mr. Darcy.