Thursday, June 16, 2016

Writers' Event at Morris-Jumel Mansion Sat., 6/25

Please join us on Saturday, June 25th for our Morris-Jumel Mansion Anthology Writers' Gathering, from 6:00pm-7:00pm in the Octagon Room of the Morris-Jumel Mansion, featuring gourmet pizza, wine, and other refreshments. I am also happy to announce that we are extending the deadline for submissions to the Morris-Jumel Mansion Anthology of Paranormal and Fantasy Fiction until Friday, July 8th, to give you a little more time to write, should you need it.

On Saturday June 25th we will provide a tour of the newly renovated Morris-Jumel Mansion interior, which has been redecorated to reflect the Mansion during the time of Eliza Jumel. This change in decor may affect details of your stories, so if you haven't seen the renovations, please do come and take a look at how the Mansion has changed.

Our meeting will be followed by a Paranormal Investigation, 8:00pm-11:00pm, which I highly recommend. If you wish to attend the paranormal investigation, call the Mansion or email Vincent Carbone, their paranormal investigator, at July 25th is also the day of the Romance Literary Festival, from 2:00 to 5:30pm, so please consider making a day of it and getting fed by us between events!

Please RSVP to this email to let us know you're coming (we want to be sure to have enough pizza!), even if you decide to come at the last minute. If you know any other interested writers, please pass this information on to them.

We look forward to seeing you at the Anthology Writers' Gathering on July 25th at 6pm!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Riverdale Avenue Books to Publish
Lost and Found,
The Heart-Breaking Memoir of A Mother/Child Reunion Amidst the Birth of the World’s Most Successful Video Game Company  

Riverdale Avenue Books just published Lost and Found, the autobiography of Micky Neilson, a 20 year-veteran of the World of Warcraft franchise, which the publisher describes as The Glass Castle meets Of Dice and Men, to tie-in with the international box office release of the Warcraft move.
Lost and Found: An Autobiography About Discovering Family, is the harrowing and inspirational memoir of the successful contributor to World of Warcraft and N.Y. Times best-seller Micky Neilson, who was kidnapped by his schizophrenic father as a toddler, spending his earliest years on the run and his teenage years as a foster child.  This autobiography chronicles Micky’s experience serving in the first Gulf War, the meteoric rise of Blizzard Entertainment and, most triumphantly, his reuniting with the family that was stolen from him as a child.
"No one who reads my fiction today or plays the video games I've contributed to knows that I was kidnapped at eight months old, that I grew up with a schizophrenic father, that I didn't attend school until 7th grade, or that I never knew my true identity until I was reunited with my family after 38 years,” said the author.  “It's such an honor to finally be able to share my life story."
“As soon as I heard Micky’s story, I was amazed.’ said Publisher Lori Perkins. “I know that thousands of adopted and foster children are convinced that their parents are still alive or looking for them when everyone else has given up. Micky’s story is an overwhelmingly cathartic experience, with a happy ending that needs to be shared.”
Neilson added, "what I want people to take away from this story -- of me overcoming years of struggle to reunite with my family and achieve success, is this: believe in yourself. Every human being, regardless of circumstance or hardship, can make choices that will lead to a happier, better life. But it all starts with believing in you."
About the Author
Micky Neilson is a two-time New York Times best-selling author whose graphic novels, Ashbringer (#2 on the list) and Pearl of Pandaria (#3) have both been published in six languages, selling especially well in the German, Korean and Brazilian markets. As one of the founding writers of Blizzard Entertainment, he has more than two decades experience in the cutting edge of the gaming industry.  He is currently working on a graphic novel, Rook, as well as a horror novel, The Turning, and a number of film projects.