Friday, January 12, 2024

Riki Wilchins Blasts Evangelical Onslaught Against Transgender Kids in New Book


When Texas Came  


for Our Kids


How Evangelical Extremists Launched a War on  Transgender Teens



If we went back to 2020, we would be shocked at lives of transgender children—they change their names and birth certificates, played school sports, and got puberty blockers and hormones freely in all 50 states.


But in just three years it would all disappear. By the end of 2023, over 1,000 bills would be introduced more than half of state legislatures that sought to criminalize nearly every facet of their lives.


 What happened?


When Texas Came for Our Kids is the first and the definitive account of how white Christian nationalists— enraged from a string of devasting Supreme Court defeats—pivoted from gay people to transgender youth and made them the new face of the culture war.


And it all began in Texas, which enacted the first effective ban on gender-affirming care by redefining it as felony child abuse, instantly criminalizing hundreds of loving families overnight and sending many fleeing across its borders in panic.


When Texas Came for Our Kids is packed with scores of on-the-ground interviews and never-before-told detail collected over years of research.


Also available is the companion book—"When Loving Your Kid Is a Crime: Parents of Transgender Youth Speak Out.” Nine first-person accounts by families who fled Texas and other red states because they feared their queer child would be taken from them and placed into state foster care.


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Riki Wilchins is the author of a 10 books on queer theory and transgender politics, including

Read My Lips:  Sexual Subversion and the End of Gender

Gender Queer: Voices from Beyond the Sexual Binary 

Queer Theory, Gender Theory: An Instant Prime

Burn the Binary:  Selected Writings on the Politics of Trans, Genderqueer & Nonbinary

TRANS/Gressive:  How Transgender Activists Took on Gay Rights, Feminism, & the Media


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