Wednesday, May 24, 2017

M/M Dancing Dirty by Ryan Field

The innovative hybrid publisher, Riverdale Avenue Books is releasing Dancing Dirty by best-selling Lambda Award winning author Ryan Fields, a retelling of the classic film Dirty Dancing using gay characters, just prior to the ABC live airing on May 24th.

Dancing Dirty takes place in the summer of 1978, the middle of the disco era, and dancing is one of the hottest trends. But 18-year-old Junior has never seen the inside of a gay bar or danced with another man. His mother and father think he's just shy about meeting girls and that he'll grow out of it. All Junior cares about is meeting the right man and falling in love.

But when his parents buy a summer home in an exclusive resort community in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania, his prospects of finding love don't look too promising. While his mother and father enjoy all the amenities of the resort, and his sister is flirting with one of the waiters, Junior mopes around watching everyone else have fun. That is until he meets a handsome young dance instructor named Carlo who changes his life in ways he'd never dreamed were possible.

From the minute Junior lays eyes on Carlo, he knows he's in love. In order to prove his love, he's willing to make personal sacrifices that no one else has ever been willing to make for Carlo.

“Dirty Dancing is a timeless classic whose themes of doing the right things no matter who you love transcend gender, ”said Publisher Lori Perkins.

“I was excited to retell this tale with a gay twist,” said Author Ryan Field. “I hope the readers enjoy it as much as I did when I wrote it.”

Monday, May 1, 2017

Gone with the Dead Comes to RT Convention

Riverdale Avenue Books has joined forces with the Romantic Times convention, held in Atlanta this weekend, to give all participants of the upcoming conference a free ebook entitled Gone with the Dead edited by Lori Perkins. The new anthology includes stories based on both Atlanta, Georgia classics Gone with the Wind and The Walking Dead.

The Gone with the Dead anthology includes 16 stories from multiple New York Times and USA Today best-selling writers. Each one is a unique interpretation of this concept of Southern love and death.  There is profound love and extreme gore--some even in the same story, and all sorts of undead from the expected zombies to vampires and shapeshifters, ghosts, devils, and even bugs and gators.

“So it was no surprise that we received more than 100 short stories in a mere two-month deadline when we put the call out for contributions.  Some stories were sent in the very first day this anthology was announced,” said Publisher and Editor Lori Perkins. “Of course, that meant that the range of stories was wide, as well.  I expected a lot of zombie stories – and you will see your fair share of them in here – but there are many kinds of zombies.  Because of the Gone with the Wind angle, I was really looking for stories that had a Civil War flavor, and you’ll find some truly clever ways these writers have woven that in as well.”

A reading with authors will be held on May 4th at The Downtown Atlanta Hyatt from 5:45 to 6:45 The readers will include: Xio Axelrod, R.L. Merrill, Isabelle Drake and Kimberlie Faye. Riverdale Avenue Books will also hold their signature dirty word raffle for awesome prizes, which will include Aftermath Makeup kits from Dear Bloody Mary,  Crated With Love Boxes date night subscription box for couples and Infectious Love personalized zombie romance novel from

The book is FREE to Romantic Times attendees and their friends from May 3rd through May 8th on website with the code GWTDRT2017.

Downloads of this book are available at and also at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles Nook, iTunes, Kobo and where digital and print books are sold.