Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Three Princes for Sienna by Solara Gordon wins RT Writer's Idol Contract


‘Three Princes for Sienna’ by Solara Gordon Captures Erotic Romance Publishing Contract

RIVERDALE, NY  -  (May 13, 2013)— Riverdale Avenue Books, one of the nation’s fastest-growing e-book publishers, has offered an erotic romance publishing contract to Solara Gordon, who captured the Writers’ Idol competition held  recently at the annual Romantic Times Convention in Kansas City, Mo.

Ms Gordon won for her submission ‘Three Princes for Sienna.’  Riverdale Avenue Books will publish it next spring, just before the next Writers Idol competition to be held in New Orleans.

“I stepped out of my comfort zone and found out wonderful things can and do happen!  I’m still in awe and pinching myself over this.  Thank you!” said the author when notified she had won the Romantic Times award.

More than 4,000 romance writers and readers gathered for the convention at the Sheraton Kansas City at Crown Center.  Hundreds of manuscripts were reviewed by a panel of industry judges made up of leading editors and literary agents.

“This book is so perfect for Riverdale Avenue Books that I thought I had imagined it.  Fairy tale and multiple partners – who could ask for more?   I am hoping to be working with this author for years to come. I think we’ve found a star!” said publisher Lori Perkins

The over–all winner of the writing contest was the YA paranormal ‘What the Fey’ by R.A. Gates (aka Ruth Gates). She received mentorship and representation from New York literary agents Nicole Riscinneti of the Seymour Agency and super-agent Louise Fury

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Justin Bieber's Coming of Age - Legally Bieber

We've just published LEGALLY BIEBER - Justin Bieber at 18 by Marc Shapiro, which is a month-by-month look at Bieber's decent into adulthood.  I think it's a classic, and I've been around pop culture for a few decades.

As Marc Shapiro told me when he pitched this book,  pop idols have a three year life expectancy and we are already on year five of The Bieb.  What kind of man will he become?  This book examines his first year making his own decisions, and it's been a bumpy ride.

RIVERDALE, NY -- (May 08, 2013) –Riverdale Avenue Books the nation’s fastest growing pop culture publisher, releases Legally Bieber…Justin Bieber at 18 on Wednesday, May 8th.  Authored by The New York Times best-selling writer Marc Shapiro, both the print version and e-book will be available at www.riverdaleavebooks.com, Amazon.com and other online retail book sites.

 Justin Drew Bieber has come a long way since his birth on March 1, 1994 in London, Ontario to an unmarried 17-year-old Pattie Mallette. The milestone of this musical phenomenon’s 18th year and becoming an adult is captured in Shapiro’s new book.

“I wrote Legally Bieber…Justin Bieber At 18 because I was looking for answers,” said Shaprio. “How does a teenage pop sensation worth untold millions and is the fantasy in human form of millions of pre-teen girls fare in the adult world?

“Does he join the long line of teen idols who have burned out by the time they turn 18? Does he survive into adulthood with his integrity and talent intact? Or does he fall victim to untold excesses and flawed advice from people in his corner who refuse to say no?

“The best way to find answers seemed to be to follow Justin, month by month through his first year as a legal adult, to be at his back as he either rises to the top or stumbles and falls.  Justin Bieber is 18 and the safety net of childhood is officially gone. The future is up to him.  We all wanted answers. Here are the answers.”

Because so much is at stake, the world is watching to see what path Justin (named the third-most powerful celebrity in the world by Forbes magazine) chooses to follow and whether or not his managers can still manage him. 

Publisher Lori Perkins said, “We were captivated by this look at every moment of Justin growing up before our eyes. This book that chronicles this pop sensation’s coming of age and is a classic of its kind.”