Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Celebrate Transgender Day of Visibity with 50% Off all RAB Trans Titles

Riverdale Avenue Books celebrates International Transgender Day of Visibility today to stand in solidarity with our trans and non-binary community and all their accomplishments. Rachel Crandall founded the International Transgender Day of Visibility in 2009 in order to recognize and celebrate Transgender and nonbinary folk still with us, creating a day of celebration rather than solemn mourning like Transgender Day of Remembrance.

In solidarity with our trans authors and readers, we are highlighting our books that focus on trans experience, stories and theory. With the code "TRANS2021" you can get many of our trans titles (see list down below) for 50% off.

If you don't know where to start, we have just published a new edition of Two Spirits, One Heart written by Marsha Aizumi and Aiden Aizumi, a beautiful mother/transman story of love and acceptance. When Two Spirits, One Heart was first published in 2012, it was the first book of its kind—mother, educator, and LGBT activist Marsha Aizumi shares her compelling story of parenting a young woman who came out as a lesbian, then transitioned to male. Two Spirits, One Heart chronicles Marsha's personal journey from fear, uncertainty, and sadness to eventual unconditional love, acceptance, and support of her child who struggled to reconcile his gender identity. Told with honesty and warmth, this book is a must-read for parents and loved ones of LGBTQ+individuals everywhere.

"Marsha Aizumi ... gives voice to the mix of emotions so many parents of LGBTQ kids live…love, fear, shame, pride, acceptance. But what makes Marsha special is that she lived her truth so publicly so that others might find community and peace... I think you have an amazing heart.” —Dr. Jill Biden

Accidentally Gay

Accidentally Gay: The True Love Story When a Wife Becomes a Husband
by Lucky and Wolsey Bradley

GenderQueer: Voices from Beyond the Sexual Binary

Edited by Riki Wilchins

Burn the Binary:

Selected Writings on the Politics of Trans, Genderqueer and Nonbinary

By Riki Wilchins


How Transgender Activists Took on Gay Rights,

Feminism, the Media and Congress

By Riki Wilchins

Read My Lips: Sexual Subversion and the End of Gender

By Riki Wilchins

Queer Theory, Gender Theory: An Instant Primer

By Riki Wilchins

Hiding in Plain Sight

By Zane Thimmesch-Gill

Finding Masculinity: Female to Male Transition in Adulthood

Edited by Alexander Walker and Emmett J.P. Lundberg

Outside the XY: Queer, Black and Brown Masculinity

Edited by Brooklyn Boihood