Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Apply for Your Book to be the Book of The Day at RomanceDailyNews.com

Application form for Romance Daily News Book of the Day

Romance Daily News is an online magazine for romance readers. Each day, the editors at RDN select, feature and promote one romance ebook. RDN's paid subscribers are able to download the featured ebook for FREE. An annual subscription of $9.99 (and gets the reader 365 FREE books a year)

RDN's ebook fulfillment is powered by Smashwords, the leading ebook publishing and distribution platform. However, if you have your own website, where you can offer the book for FREE with  a code, you may use that instead.

Once your book is available at Smashwords, it's eligible for nomination as RDN's Book of the Day.
There's no cost to publish at Smashwords, and there's no cost to participate in this promotion if you're selected.

Titles for consideration should have a definite romantic element, but can be in any genre.  Nonfiction dealing with relationships and female-focus will also be considered.

*BEFORE* you fill out this application form, create a private Smashwords Coupon code which you'll enter below, and update your Smashwords author profile page with your Smashwords Interview (portions of which will be republished in your RDN feature), your current author headshot (if you have one) and author bio. If you're nominating a series book, please ensure that all your series books are connected via the Smashwords Series Manager tool. This will make it easier for readers to find and purchase your other books.

If your book is selected,  RDN  will contact you at the email you provide below with a confirmation and a promotion date.

Please copy and paste this application into an email and send it to submissions@romancedailynews.com

How did you hear about this opportunity?

What is your author pen name?

Nominated title

Retail price (must be $.99 or higher)

Hyperlink to your Smashwords book page for the book you're nominating (visit your Smashwords book page and then copy the full web address from your browser into the field below) or your website sale page

Smashwords Coupon Code for the title you're nominating (reminder: Do *not* click the "Public" coupon option. Select an expiration date that is at least 90 days after today. Once RDN assigns you a feature date, you'll click back to your Coupon Manager and set a new expiration date of two days after the promo date)

Is this book a member of a series? (If your series starter is perma-free, then you should nominate book two)


If you write series, and the series starter is free, what is the title of your series starter?

If you write series, and the series starter is free, provide a hyperlink to the Smashwords book page for the series starter

Hyperlink to your Author Profile page, which is where RDN will access your Smashwords Inteview (if you have not completed your Smashwords Interview, you must do so prior to completing this nomination form)

Will this title remain published at Smashwords for at least the next four months?


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