Friday, April 29, 2022

Memoir of Dominatrix Who Changed Canadian Sex Worker Laws Just Pubbed

 Americans are not aware of Terri Jean Bedford, but in Canada she is one of their most notorious citizens--but under the name Madame deSade. Terri-Jean Bedford was Canada's most famous leather-clad dominatrix, a well-known public figure appearing on the evening news as she took on the Canadian legal establishment to ultimately change sex worker law throughout the country. Canada's prostitution laws were struck down in 2010.


Terri-Jean Bedford’s autobiography, Dominatrix on Trial, published by Riverdale Avenue Books, chronicles her life born into poverty to her rise as Canada’s most famous dominatrix. As a poor bi-racial girl, she was placed into a foster home at six, where she was abused. She was later moved into various children’s homes and lived there until she was 16, when she left to make it on her own. Terri survived by working numerous unskilled jobs. Her talents and interests helped her move into the elite world of the professional dominatrix, after which life was never the same. Located just outside of Toronto, her elaborate Bondage Bungalow became the target of a spectacular raid. Six highly publicized years of trials and appeals later, she was convicted under bawdy-house laws and paid a small fine. In 1999, she opened a similar facility in downtown Toronto, one that closed without police interference in 2002.


“Terri-Jean Bedford is a feminist icon, a revolutionary who not only fought for what she believed, but for freedom for both women and men.” said Publisher Lori Perkins. “She is a courageous and strong woman who continues to have a lasting impact on Canada and sex work.”


A few years later she was at the center of Bedford vs. Canada, a five-year constitutional challenge to Canada’s sex trade laws. The Supreme Court vindicated her struggles. She remains a vocal advocate for civil rights and the disenfranchised.


Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Call for Submissions for LGBTQ+ Book Beyond Worship

                                                                 CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

                                                                          Beyond Worship

This anthology will explore the sacredness of queer, transgender, and gender-variant identities, experiences, and concerns in relation to faith, worship, liturgy, and theology.

LGBTQIA2S+ authors are invited to share essays, prayers, litanies, poetry, reflections, personal testimonies, and orders or worship.

Transgender, nonbinary, Two-Spirit, and gender-expansive contributors will be prioritized.

We invite LGBTQIA2S+ people from all faith backgrounds to submit.

Submission details
DEADLINE: April 27th, 2022

Accepted Contributors
Will be published in the anthology this Pride month, 2022
Will receive a $10 stipend and physical copy of the book

Potential Writing Prompts:

  • How does your identity as a transgender person relate to that of the divine and/or sacred? How do your beliefs impact the way you feel comfortable with yourself, mind, body, and spirit?
  • How has your faith community (church, synagogue, mosque, temple, gurdwara, spiritual circles, etc.) been a home for you (or not)? Have certain scriptures, texts, passages, sermons, etc. led you to this sense/feeling/place of community?
  • How might queer and transgender people looking for a spiritual path come to terms with religion/religious trauma? What were the first steps for you? Did you have any mentors, friends, family members? What advice can you give to LGBTQIA2S+ people who are just beginning this process?
  • How can queer and transgender people perceive themselves as divine/sacred, even when we’re told so many times that we do not belong?
  • Why turn to God/the Divine in the first place? Why turn to religion? Why is it important to you to believe in something greater than yourself?
  • Do you have to believe in Jesus and the scripture to be a Christian? Why or why not?
  • Are there any central or peripheral exemplars/figures from your faith tradition that inspire you? What about them resonates with you?
  • Liturgical prompts:
  • Prayers for queer and transgender lives and collective liberation
  • Litany or order of worship for a name-changing ceremony, specific to transgender people of faith
  • Calls to Worship, hymns, songs, poetry that relate to queer and transgender experience and faith

Send all submissions as a word doc to, with a short author bio, with Beyond Worship in the subject line. You may use a pseudonym for publication, but we must know your real identity.

Monday, January 24, 2022

The Binge Watcher's Guide to The Golden Girls is Here!

As the world celebrated the life of  television legend, Betty White, many viewers young and old are remembering her acting work, especially her role as Rose Nylund in the acclaimed sitcom The Golden Girls. The innovative publisher, Riverdale Avenue Books released their TV companion book, The Binge Watcher’s Guide to The Golden Girls on what would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday.

 It’s the classic TV sitcom. Thirty years after it first aired, The Golden Girls is one of the most popular shows in syndication and available to view on multiple streaming services. The show ran for seven seasons, collecting a staggering 58 Emmy nominations and 11 wins along the way, and over the years, this hit comedy about four fierce and sassy 50+ roommates in Miami charmed millions of viewers with its incomparable wit. Above all, The Golden Girls celebrated the strength and depth of the friendship between its four iconic characters - Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia- who have been adopted by multiple generations and attracts both gay and straight viewers.


This beloved television show from the 1980s, created by Susan Harris, the iconic creator of the series Soap, and one of the writers of the trailblazing, feminist show Maude, hasn't lost its fanbase over the decades. It seems to be the one thing that all the generations, from baby boomers to millennials, agree on: They love "The Girls," especially Betty White, who proved to be one of the most all-time adored entertainers.


It’s a comfort food. It’s one of the best shows to have on when you’re sick. And it’s endlessly quotable with your girlfriends. It’s the Steel Magnolias of TV shows,” said author Marissa DeAngelis


The Binge Watcher's Guide to The Golden Girls is meant to be a companion as you binge, giving you a quick recap of each episode and where it fits in the series, with a favorite quote, notable goofs and inconsistences, and some behind-the-scenes drama. 


About Marissa DeAngelis

Marissa DeAngelis holds a BA in journalism from the University of Maryland with a minor in film and comparative literature. She lived and worked in New York City as a copywriter for over a decade and moved to Los Angeles in 2020 to continue her writing pursuits. While living in New York, she performed standup comedy and would like to start that up again in California. She considers herself a cinephile and would love to write a fictionalized account about old Hollywood one day. If she were a Golden Girl, she would have been Sophia.




Wednesday, November 24, 2021

RAB Publishes Beatle Wives: The Women the Men We Loved Fell in Love With to Tie in with 'Get Back'

 After you’ve watched the new Peter Jackson documentary on the break-up of the Beatles, you might want to grab a copy of the just published Beatle Wives: The Women the Men We Loved Fell in Love by NY Times best-selling biographer Marc Shapiro.

They’ve had songs written about them. They’ve been the subject of legend and lore.

Yoko allegedly broke up The Beatles. Pattie dropped George for George’s best friend, Eric Clapton. Olivia beat an intruder senseless and bloody with a lamp stand. The stories are endless.

These women have lived, loved and fallen under the spell of four of the most famous musicians in the history of popular music. They are the wives of the Beatles, nine women who came from somewhere or nowhere and were thrust into the midst of Beatlemania and pop culture history in the most intimate and public way and lived to tell about it.

There have been literally hundreds of books about The Beatles. But Beatle Wives: The Women the Men We Loved Fell in Love With is the story of the women who married The Beatles told from their perspective during and after they said their I do’s. Their memories and insights are straightforward and pull no punches. Within these pages are the good times and the bad, the moments when their love and marriage went off the rails and the moments when these women had it all and lived happily ever after.

“Being a Beatle wife was difficult in the best of times,” relates author Shapiro. “The fans hated them. The media hounded them senseless. They were married to men who did not often treat them with kindness and respect. But they stuck it out, many until they could stand it no longer and many who toughed it out through thick and thin. There were happy endings. Sad endings. Endings that will shock, anger or bring a tear. These women have seen it all. This is their story.”

“I’ve been Beatle fan since I saw A Hard Days Night in my crowded local movie theater,” said Publisher Lori Perkins, “and I really thought I knew everything about the Beatles’ wives, but this book made me see them in a whole new light.  Riveting reading for every Beatles fan!”

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Call for Stories for Found Family Anthology


For many, the winter holidays are a time of family gatherings, significant others meeting parents, and reminiscing with aunts, uncles, and cousins about childhood memories. The winter holidays can be a reminder of harsh rejection and shame. And with many holiday movies, books, and shows centering around love and rejection, the feeling of loneliness can be exasperated for those still in the closet or coming to terms with their identity.


For this anthology, we want to change that narrative—to give the non traditional  communities –LGBTQ+, Goth, polyamorous, “bohemian,” --hope that although a present moment may feel dark and gloomy, there’s always a family to be found and a sense of home, and sometimes real joy, which is what the holidays are truly about.


We’re seeking short stories which take place during the winter holidays—doesn’t have to be Christmas—which feature youth and adults who have found a sense of home within friends, coworkers, a community organization or perhaps even within oneself.


We seek to have stories which capture a holiday spirit unique to the nontraditional experience, centering around finding peace with one’s own identity and/or finding a family (or space) to call your own.


If you have a story of capturing a moment of peace and a feeling of belonging, that’s perfect. Have a story where a holiday didn’t go as planned, but your character(s) friend’s turned it around and made it a moment to always remember? Send it in. Even a story centered around the complex relationship between a parent and their child struggling to understand each other will work. Stories dealing with intersecting identities and the way in which they interact are also welcomed.


The anthology will be published by Riverdale Avenue books in both epub and print December 2021 (print if time allows). All authors will receive print and digital copies, as well as a $10 advance upon publication.


Please send double-spaced word doc submissions of up to 5,000 words to with the word “Found Family Anthology” in the address line by December 10, if not before.

Call for Stories for Santa Con: An Anthology of Sexy Santas, Coy Misses Clauses and Naughty Elves



Santa Con is a unique experience to the Christmas holiday with interesting origins, where all sorts of people of all ages dress up as Santas, Misses Clauses, and elves, head to the bars to get obliterated and blast Christmas music from dusk ‘til dawn. Some put on the traditional outfits we’re used to: the classic Santa outfit, the cutsie Misses Clause outfits, and so many worker elves. But others put on a sexy twist—opened Santa jackets, short skirts and shorts, and slutty worker elves—and that’s where Riverdale Avenue Books is going this year.


For this anthology, we want to exist in the Christmas spirit that happens away from the public eye, behind doors when no one’s watching, and the clothes start to come off and the snow turns to steam. We’re looking for sexy, mischievous, romantic stories that give us a different kind of warm tingling inside. Whether it be a worker elf seducing their boss, Santa Claus or a Misses Claus taking charge for once, we welcome any stories that bring a smile to our face, and a little hope that we may feel that warm, Christmas spirit with someone else.


We seek stories that entertain, capture the happy spirit of Christmas and bring people as close together as possible. We welcome stories of all backgrounds, of all genders and sexualities. We know sometimes the décor of Christmas, and Santa Con, can be riddled by the gender binary, so we welcome stories that play with those identities; a butch misses Claus, a submissive or femme Santa Claus; nonbinary elves; drag queens and kings dressed as the Clauses. So long as someone is wrapped up in Christmas, we don’t care who’s in what!


The Anthology will be published by Riverdale Avenue Books in both epub and print December 2021. All authors receive print (if time allows) and digital copies, as well as a $10 advance upon publication.


Please send double-spaced word doc submissions of up to 5,00 words to with the subject line “Santa Con Anthology” by December 10, or before.


Friday, November 19, 2021

Monster Whisperer: Second Class Just Pubbed

Riverdale Avenue Books has just published Monster Whisperer: Second Class by Nobilis Reed on its Circlet imprint. Monster Whisperer, the first second installment in the space alien erotic tentacle monster series. was originally published five years ago. 

Ensign Sandra Tevins of the Star Patrol has signed up to train for the job of harnessing their incredible power to bend space/time to their will. She is learning to handle them--and be handled by them, as monsters have a particular hunger for human sexual submission. Sandra is not new to dominance and submission, having a long-standing D/s relationship in her kinky poly family, but the demands of her training go beyond anything she has experienced before.

But all is not well in the Star Patrol. There is a conspiracy afoot to cause the tentacle monster program to fail, and if it does, war will engulf the galaxy.

After her classmates are eliminated one by one, Sandra is the only one who can prevent it. Assisted by a tentacle monster named Kernunnos and Paul Garnet, agent of the I.A.I.A, Sandra takes on this conspiracy with every tool at her disposal.

“Imagine Star Trek with tentacle sex!” said Publisher Lori Perkins.

"If you're the sort of person who thinks a tentacle monster having its way with you sounds... kinda fun, actually? Then you're going to love the adventures of Ensign Sandra Tevins. Tentacles, eyestalks, and ovipositors. This is sexy, pulpy fun,” sad Circlet Editor, Cecilia Tan.