Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Just Pubbed - The Binge Watcher's Guide to Supernatural -

A year after the final episode of the show Supernatural aired, the innovative publisher, Riverdale Avenue Books has published a new binge watchers’ guide about the acclaimed television series by Jessica Mason.

Dad’s on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home in a few days. These simple words hook viewers into the story of Sam and Dean Winchester and the epic rocking ride that is Supernatural, the longest-running genre show in American television history. But with 15 seasons, 327 episodes, and more angels, demons, and resurrections than you can shake a first blade at, the series can be a little bit intimidating. That’s where we come in.

The Binge Watcher’s Guide to Supernatural is the complete source on all the themes, ideas, trivia and more in this legendary series. From dissecting the meta madness to swooning over shipping highs and lows, this book will give readers insight like nothing before into the complex and sometimes confusing world of Sam, Dean, Castiel, and their extended family.

"Little did I know that this show about two brothers and their angel would change my whole life,” said pop culture author Jessica Mason, who has watched the show from the very beginning 15 seasons ago. "I've put all that passion and nerdery into a gift back to the fandom and a love letter to the show. The Binge Watcher's Guide to Supernatural was written for avid fans and curious newcomers who want to enhance their watch of this legendary series. The book goes deep into characters and story, but also has fun with ships and trivia."

Think of this as John Winchester's journal, guiding you through trivia and tribulations to enrich watching this incredible show. Whether you’re a long-time super fan or a newbie, Jessica Mason’s expert insight into the show will make this road trip the best one yet. Get ready to ride along as we save people, hunt things, and raise more than a little hell.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Just Pubbed ELVIS FOREVER Looks at the Life of The King through the Eyes of His Peers

Is Elvis the most charismatic star ever? What else accounts for his continuing global appeal and media presence, his allure to music lovers of all ages and to fans whose pilgrimages to Graceland make it the most-visited private residence in the USA?


Presley's estate now earns more annually than when Elvis was alive. He died at 42, close to half a century ago, but new generations keep discovering him.


Elvis Forever, a new book from celebrity biographer Boze Hadleigh, offers possibly the most revealing and rounded close-up look yet at the King. The frank, often bold, sometimes shocking or surprising quotes from insiders and outsiders, peers, costars, friends, employees and famous fans took over two decades to collect and cover every phase of the life and legacy of the magnetic man from Memphis.


“Reading what amounts to a biography of Elvis through the words of his peers and contemporaries is perhaps the most interesting way to look at Elvis’ life,” said Publisher Lori Perkins. “I was so curious to see what Frank Sinatra and John Lennon and even Liberace thought of him but was also fascinated by all the dirt his former girlfriends shared in here. Absolutely riveting!”

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

What We're Looking for at RAB

I'm attending my first in-person writer's conference this November - The Liberty States Writers Conference in New Jersey on November 6th,

They asked me to tell participants what I am looking to publish at Riverdale Avenue Books, and I quickly jotted down some thoughts. I surprised myself by having quite an extensive list, so I am including it here.

Feel free to share.

We are looking for people to write books in our Binge Watcher’s Guide series. If you love a TV show or movie series and feel you can fill a book with your insight, pitch me.

Anyone who is working on redefining the vampire mythos. I do NOT want Twilight/Anne Rice/True Blood vampires, but vampires for a new generation.

In romance, I want new alpha heroes — no billionaires, athletes or military guys. We want the new men of Ted Lasso.

In horror, women and children who kill. We want men to be afraid, very afraid. Revenge is a good motivator too.

Post #MeToo romance, romantic suspense.

Erotic Historicals, a la Bridgerton.

Romance set in nontraditional times and places.

Romantic science fiction, Star Trek as a soap opera, jumping from bed to bed.

LGBTQ+ fiction and nonfiction.

Women-centric memoir


Sunday, September 26, 2021

RAB Publisher on ESPN, So Yankees/Red Sox Books 50% OFF for Final Game


Riverdale Avenue Books Publisher and die-hard Yankees fan Lori Perkins is featured in a televised national ESPN ad this week as the Yankees face their final series with arch-enemies, the Boston Red Sox.


The ad, which is airing on the ESPN sports channel for the weekend features Ms. Perkins, as well as a host of other Yankee fans, talking about how the Yankees and the Red Sox have been rivals over the decades.  In the ad, Ms. Perkins says, “We don’t like the Red Sox,” as she wears a Yankee jacket and sports blue hair for the team.


Ms. Perkins is such a die-hard Yankee fan that when the producers of the commercial spot approached her, she arranged to be interviewed before her treatments for radiation and dyed her newly growing hair blue, as well as had her nails painted with Yankee insignias.


Ms. Perkins has been a Yankee fan since she was a teen-ager attending the Bronx High School of Science in the 70’s when she was part of a class of art students commissioned to make 15-foot puppets of famous Yankees.  She was on the team that made the Joe DiMaggio puppet, which she walked across the newly renovated stadium on Opening Day.  “I met Thurman Munson and Graig Nettles,” that year, and watched as the Yankees made their first of many World Series wins in the 70s.  “I became a fan that year and went to games after school,” she explained.


For the past decade, she has been part of a season ticket share with noted baseball writer and historian Cecilia Tan and they have always gone to Opening Day together, as it falls around their shared birthday in April.  For the past 2 years, they have been unable to go due to COVID and Ms. Perkins’ cancer.


Yankee management gave the names of long-time season tickets holders to the executives at Moonshot Productions, who made the commercial, and Ms. Perkins was chosen when they learned she painted her nails with the Yankees logo.

Now cancer-free, Ms. Perkins, is the editor of the Riverdale-based publisher, Riverdale Avenue Books, where she is offering all readers 50% off on their Yankees title, Bronx Bummers - An Unofficial History of the New York Yankees’ Bad Boys, Blunders and Brawls by NY Daily News sports writers Robert Dominguez and David Hinckley, as well as The 50 Greatest Red Sox Games by Cecilia Tan and Bill Nowlin.  To get these discounts go to and enter the code Yankees2021.

Watch the ESPN ad here: 

Tuesday, July 6, 2021



Award-winning hybrid publisher Riverdale Avenue Books celebrates summer with its annual Christmas in July sale featuring a month’s worth of FREE holiday-themed Book-of-the-Week titles on and an entire month of half price title sales on the website using the promo code XMAS721. These titles will also be available at 50% off on Overdrive for sale to the nation’s libraries and as part of Smashwords’ annual July romance sale.. Four of their LGBTQ+ titles will be offered as FREE give-aways on Erie Gay News.

Said Riverdale Avenue Publisher Lori Perkins, “Everyone knows that Christmas is the most romantic holiday of the year, but most people are too busy shopping, taking care of family, baking and decorating to enjoy the sales.  RAB gives you a whole summer month to curl up with as many hot holiday hunks as you possibly can.”

Below is a list of titles in this promotion:

Hot for Xmas by Trinity Blacio

A Christmas Carl by Ryan Field

Forever Bound with Tinsel by Chloe Stowe

Christmas Magic by Cecilia Tan

The Naughty Angel and Her Three Very Wise Men by Trinity Blacio

Naughty Mommy and Santa’s Helpers by Trinity Blacio

The Naughty Stepbrothers by Trinity Blacio

A Christmas Tail: Book Four of the Masters of the Cats Series by Trinity Blacio

Holiday Smut edited by Lori Perkins

Whips & Chains & Candy Canes by F.L. Bicknell

Her Three Men by Trinity Blacio

Hot for Winter by Trinity Blacio

A Scarlet Christmas: A Femdom Christmas Carol by DL King

Bad Santa by Lise Horton

Her Stepbrother’s Christmas Gift: A Once upon a Stepbrothers Novella by Rachel Kenley

Home Alone for Christmas by Lori Perkins

Wrapped Around Your Handlebars by Ana Lee Kennedy

Frosty, Inc. by Trinity Blacio

Holiday Gay edited by Maitland McDonagh

Not Home for the Holidays by Isabelle Drake

Jingle Balls edited by Cecilia Tan and Arbela Fynn

Stocking Stuffers edited by Daniel Laurents

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Southern Urban Fantasy Funky Dan and the Pixie Dream Girl Just Pubbed


Riverdale Avenue Books publishes Funky Dan and the Pixie Dream Girl by Courtney Lanning, a debut fantasy novel that pokes fun at contemporary romance and fantasy tropes with both humor and respect. The first novel in The Boston Magic Mountain fantasy series, Lanning’s Funky Dan explores the rich mythology and lore of the mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma.


Roxie is a sweet trans girl who just wants to spend the rest of her summer vacation playing music with her friends in their band. Living in a southern college town like Fayetteville has its challenges. Dan is a shop wizard who would give anything to escape the store he has been trapped in for a century under the watchful eyes of a witch and a talking fox. 

Their paths converge when Roxie is given the ability to travel into dreams and tasked with fighting off nightmares. 

Unbeknownst to Dan and Roxie, other dream walkers are searching for an enchanted key, and if they find it, they’ll plunge the entire city into a living nightmare. The shop wizard and pixie dream girl will have to team up to stop them, facing their own nightmares along the way.


Editor David T. Valentin explained why he took the book on, “At the heart of Lanning’s work is an amazingly fun and creative story that dares us to dream again in our busy adult lives. And although her work doesn’t shy away from the ugly parts of life and growing up, her work always gives us a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it’s not the one we expect. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Get Ryan Field's Just Pubbed The Wizard of Pride


Just in time for Pride Month, the innovative book publisher, Riverdale Avenue Books, has just published The Wizard of Pride, an LGBTQ retelling of the Wizard of Oz from Lambda awarding-winning author, Ryan Field.

In the year 1939, discretion is a way of life for young men like Darius Krasner. However, when he gets caught making love to one of the young farm hands by the wicked Agnes McCain, and she threatens to expose him and take his dog, he’s forced to run away from the only family and home he’s ever known.

In his rush to leave, Darius stumbles across one of the most wonderful, handsome young men he’s ever met. Unfortunately, there isn’t much time to get to know him because there’s a storm approaching and Darius decides to run back home to make sure his family is safe.

By the time Darius reaches the farm, there’s a twister in the distance and he escapes to the house for shelter. On his way, a piece of flying debris hits him on the head and knocks him out. When he finally regains consciousness, he’s in the most unusual place called The Land of Pride. And according to The Good Fairy, Miss Glitz, his only way back home involves a pair of magical pink stilettos, a silvery gilded road, a place called The Rainbow City, and a man they call the Wonderful Wizard of Pride.

As a publisher of erotic romance, we love publishing classic stories retold.  I was surprised that no one I knew of had written a gay retelling of The Wizard of Oz, so I approached Ryan Field, a Lambda-Award winning gay author, and he creatively stepped up,” said Publisher Lori Perkins. “I think you’ll find The Wizard of Pride both plays homage, and is just naughty enough for today’s audience.”


It’s an LGBTQ+ fairytale filled with references to gay culture and LGBTQ+ Pride that’s long before Darius’s time, but he’s well aware there’s no shame or hate in The Land of Pride. In his quest to find The Wizard of Pride, he meets other people like himself, and one in particular who teaches him with whom he can fall in love and live happily ever after with a man, which is something he never thought possible.