Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Magnus Imprint Publishes College Jocks and Frat House Bros

After his self-published collection of gay erotic short stories Frat Boys and Dorm Rooms made Amazon’s audio bestseller list, Matthew Cooper has teamed up with award-winning LGBTQ Imprint Magnus Lit to release his second collection of hot tales of university life, College Jocks and Frat House Bros: Gay Erotic Stories from University Life.

Cooper explained how glad he is to be releasing this new collection into the world. “As we conclude our celebration of another Pride Month, I think about what it means to be gay in the world today. We continue our fight for our political and social rights, safety, and acceptance. And here I am in my tiny apartment in Wilton Manors, Florida, a hub of gay culture and society, writing steamy, sex-fueled stories. And that's what my stories are meant to be. A celebration. A celebration of gay sexuality. Unapologetically erotic. Proudly sexual. Enjoy.”


College. A time to figure out who you really are. Get out of your parents’ house and experience the world on your own. A time to try new things, experiment, and have the time of your life. Sure, there are the books and the classes and all those late nights studying in your dorm room. But the true college experience is about growing, learning, and discovering yourself—and what your body can do.


The young men in these stories are eager, willing, horny, and ready for anything. From frat parties, community showers, dorm rooms, come back to the best four years of your life and read stories of hook-ups, new love, sexual awakening, and erotic connections.


Who was it for you? The student athlete, the quiet nerd, the partying frat boy? They’re all here in College Jocks and Frat House Bros. And you’re invited to the all-night rager. Meet Josh, who has a parking lot run-in with a hot sexy stranger. Peek in on Issac, the dorm roommate who doesn’t lock the door and doesn’t mind if you watch. Bump into your R.A. just when you need a place to crash. There are frat parties to attend, community showers to cruise, and cramped dorm rooms to hunker down in. Just make sure the door is locked – unless you don’t mind being caught.


The book is available as an ebook, audiobook, trade paperback and hardcover wherever books are sold.

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