Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Between the Covers Downtown Pam McKenna, Arla Dahl and Emanuel Xavier This Friday

This month’s DOWNTOWN event bring authors Pam McKenna, Arla Dahl, and Emanuel Xavier to our downtown venue People Kitchen, 163 Allen Street. Reading starts at 7:00 pm.
Pam McKenna has been an avid storyteller since she was old enough to put pencil to paper. Her number-one passion is the written word, though if you read her novellas, you might conclude that her true passions lie elsewhere. And you’d be right. Pam loves erotic romance and has never been shy about pulling out the stops and treating her readers to five-alarm fantasies centered around BDSM and ménage a trois. Pam McKenna is the pen name of a best-selling romance author.

Arla Dahl is a lover and ardent reader of all things sexy and suspenseful. As a moody writer – she is moody and so is her writing – she loves atmosphere and intrigue, and she drenches her gritty erotic tales in both. In her Immoral Virtue Trilogy, she exposes, examines and revises the horrors of the 17th Century witch trials. Deeply moved by the viciousness of the times, Arla turns history on its ear until the very trait that caused so many people to be seen as “susceptible to the temptations of evil”, becomes the one thing that can set them free. Lust.

Emanuel Xavier is the author of the novel, Christ Like, the poetry collections, Pier Queen, Americano: Growing up Gay and Latino in the USA, If Jesus Were Gay & other poems, Nefarious and the spoken word/music collaboration album, Legendary- The Spoken Word Poetry of Emanuel Xavier, which inspired a choreographed dance presentation and a music video, Emanuel Xavier was named an LGBT History Month Icon by the Equality Forum, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance national and international gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights through education. He’ll read from Studs: Gay Erotic Fiction,edited by Richard Labonte, introduced by Emanuel Xavier.

About Studs:Gay Erotic Fiction: Rough and surly, smooth and sultry, or quick and raw — however you like it, you’ll find it in Studs, 20 of the hottest and best-written man-to-man sex stories to appear in print this year. In “Underground Operator” two men on a nearly empty subway platform indulge in rough, anonymous sex that lets them momentarily forget the stifling summer heat. “Donuts to Demons” finds a self-described “rock-n-roll artfag” searching for a lover “as patient and gifted and generous as he advertised on Craigslist.”

We’ll have our unique dirty word raffle where participants are encouraged to write a favorite dirty word on a piece of paper (with initials because dirty minds think alike). Prizes include from corsets (a $150 value), samples of Dude Wipes, Simply Slick Oil Based Lubricant and Uberlube Silicone Lubricant from, and books by the readers.

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