Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Who is Katie Holmes?

RAB just published Who is Katie Holmes? An Unauthorized Biography by Marc Shapiro, the first post-divorce bio of this surprisingly independent woman.

Who is Katie Holmes we all wondered when she defied all odds and stealthy left her older, richer more powerful Hollywood husband with her celebrity daughter in tow arriving in New York City to welcome arms, and a starring role on Broadway.  Where did she get that independent streak?  How did we under-estimate her?

Who is Katie Holmes? fills in the blanks.  It tells the classic Hollywood story of small town girl who comes to tinsel town, ultimately fulfills her every fantasy and discovers that there is a price to be paid for getting everything you desire.

Who is Katie Holmes? is more than another 'true Hollywood story.' It is the story of talent, tenacity and the will to succeed on her own terms. Katie Holmes speaks softly but, when pressed to the wall, she has proven that she can wield a big stick. Alternately insightful, dramatic and heartfelt, Who is Katie Holmes? is a straightforward look at the struggles and setbacks that only a person of character and compassion has the strength to overcome. Katie Holmes’ story is ultimately one of triumph and redemption - A true happy ending.

You can buy it directly from RAB at at 20% off thru 3/1

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