Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Magic Behind Warlock Masters

By Donald Weise, Editor-In Chief, Magnus

I've been following Domingo Rhodes work for years and I am so glad to feature his amazingly hot work at Magus. When his collection of BDSM Warlock stories came in, I knew we had to publish it.

Rhodes writes some of the hottest man sex I know. It's beyond just erotic; the always explicit scenes and the fantastic worlds in which they play out set him apart as a writer of erotic fiction. His stories feature one hot coupling, and then some, after the next, from start to finish, to the point where you're left wondering how his characters don't collapse in exhaustion, but at the same time grateful they don't. But it's more than the sex alone. Rhodes also writes some of the most well-crafted sex stories out there. Add to that the fact that he's brilliant at master/slave dynamics. I don't know who will be more turned on: sadists or masochists, or maybe just anyone who loves their erotica out on the edge. I'm thrilled to be bringing out his first fiction collection at last.

In these supernatural erotic stories of dominance and submission, readers enter the forbidden, no-holds-barred worlds of warlock sex masters and the male slaves who dutifully serve and obey their every command. No order is refused, no sex act too outrageous. These wickedly sadistic warlocks push their insatiable young slaves to their sexual limits—and beyond. Warlock Masters is steamy erotic fiction sure to arouse the sadist or masochist in anyone.

But don't take my word for it.  See what Samuel Delany said about this collection:
"Four wonderfully inventive tales, as only Domingo Rhodes could write them, that appeal to the darkness within us all. Descend into the marvelous homoerotic and mysterious worlds of magic and unbridled sex. And enjoy—if you dare!" —Samuel R. Delany

 So please, like the collection on Amazon, and tell your friends to follow this hot new author.  There’s a 20% off discount if you order directly from our website at through March 31st.

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  1. Just found your blog. Warlock Masters sounds interesting.