Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why I Published We Love Jenni

I came of age in the feminist era, and still live by the feminist adage, "the personal is political."  It has been my guiding mantra.

It is also the reason why I wanted to publish WE LOVE JENNI: An Unauthorized Biography of Jenni Rivera by NY Times best-selling author Marc Shapiro and Charlie Vasquez.

Jenni Rivera was an everywoman.  I felt like she was my sister-in-law or my cousin through marriage.  She was so real and her life, the ups and downs, was so open for all to see. It's what made her music and her TV show so powerful.

I also consider her an important voice of empowerment for Hispanic women in a machismo culture.  I loved her. 

I was so saddened to see her die so tragically and so early.  I thought she was going to be America's Hispanic neighbor next door with her forthcoming ABC sitcom.

So that is why I am so proud to be the publisher of the first mainstream pop culture biography of Jenni, which I hope  brings Jenni's life and music, and message to an entirely new audience.  I want readers to pick up this book about this Mexican-American singer they didn't know, and come away feeling that they want to buy all her music, watch a marathon of her show, and keep her alive in their hearts.

So, please buy the book and read about her amazing life, and "like" the book on Amazon.

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