Saturday, March 7, 2020

We Need a Few More Stories for Sexy Superheroes Anthology

If you're staying in for the Coronavirus, this is the ideal time to write, and we need a few more stories for our Sexy Superheroes anthology.

Sexy Super Heroes

Men in tights.
Women in capes.
Super powers and super passion.
As if it’s not hard enough to build a relationship! Riverdale Avenue Books wants your superhero themed short stories. New couples dealing with one or both having extraordinary abilities. Established couples trying to keep a relationship going and romance alive while working to keep the world safe. All characters must be created by the authors – no established superheroes will be accepted.
LGBTQ+ and underrepresented characters/voices are welcome and encouraged.
All submissions will receive an acknowledgement email and a response by or before September 7, 2019. Please inquire about reprints. Original, previously unpublished work is preferred. Payment is prorated share of the epub, print and audio royalties split evenly among all contributors, a pdf and print copy of the book. Rights are for seven (7) years, reusable with permission and notification.
All submissions should:
  • Be submitted as a Word document
  • Be between 4000-8000 words long (query for longer stories)
  • Be proofread and edited
  • Include a HEA or HFN ending
  • Use Times New Roman 12 point and underline italics
  • Use ### or *** centered for scene breaks with a blank line above and below
  • Include title, last name and page numbers in upper right hand corner using the ‘header’ feature.

Submission deadline: April 6, 2020
Expected publication: June 2020 – to coincide with the release of Wonder Woman 1984
Put Sexy Super Heroes Anthology in the subject line
Send submissions via attachment to

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