Sunday, March 1, 2020

First Graphic Novel Published Under Circlet Press Imprint

The twisted mind of Vinnie Tesla makes the first ever graphic novel from Circlet Press (Riverdale Avenue Books' newest imprint), an utterly unique reading experience. From the long-running Mad Science-themed erotic webcomic Tales of Gnosis College comes a bizarre, hilarious, and filthy standalone story—a tale of video games, online porn and artificial intelligence.
Kat Carter works at Smile! Corporation designing censorware—a job that gives her an excuse to watch a lot of porn at work. But when her erotic fantasies start creeping into reality, who is behind the intrusion?
The Monsters of Science are a secretive hacker collective at Gnosis College. When someone hires them to deface a popular Augmented Reality game, they leap at the opportunity to make a little cash doing what they love. But now the game’s cuddly online characters seem to be trying to kill them IRL, and they’re frighteningly effective. Is there any way to stop them?
Reclusive erotic “kaijumantica” author Biff Sparkleman, author of such classics as Taken by a Horse-sized Duck and Fifty Duck-Sized Horses, The Chupacabra’s Baby Mama, and Seduced by the Sensual Sardinian Shapeshifter may be the only one who knows the answers—if only they can find him in time.
The creators of this graphic novel are a young team of writer and artist. Author Vinnie Tesla is the author of the smutty Steampunk novel The ErotofluidicAge, the smutty werewolf novella Ota Discovers Fire, and an incongruously clean short story in the comic book anthology Strange Romance III.
Artist Lon "Erosarts" Ryden is mostly known for drawing Tales of Gnosis College, and the adventures of the Danger Dolls.
“We’ve always wanted to venture into the realm of graphic novels and what better way to do this than with erotic science fiction teaming up with the Circlet. This is truly a graphic novel!” said Publisher Lori Perkins.

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