Thursday, November 19, 2015

Guest Post by Louisa Blacio - Why Re-Release?

The first full-length novel I had published was Sex University: Physical Education in 2010. I’d had a few short stories come out in anthology through Ravenous Romance, and had to opportunity to meet Lori Perkins at Downtown Disney in California. Over a glass of something delicious, she leaned over and asked, “What else do you have?”
From there, a dream and friendship was born. Lori was willing to work with an unpublished author, on spec (and she still is). Me? Having the contract gave me that extra PUSH needed to finish the damn book! (I’m sure many relate to the feeling.)
Since then I’ve had more than 30 novels, novellas and short stories published, with 14 publishers. I’ve learned a lot about the business and the craft, and I’ve also helped a number of others achieve their goals.
While my third book The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: A New Orleans Threesome went on to grant me membership into RWA’s PAN (Published Author Network), Physical Education never lived up to its potential.
It may be because of the original cover, which always seemed to appeal more to men than women (traditional readers of romance), or the market (a BDSM novel a few years before 50 Shades of Grey). The second book All-Girls Academy should have pushed even more sales, and then a hoopla with books featuring underage sex hit and the book was pulled from eRetailers because of the title. Note: Everyone is above age; it’s a F/F title with “girls” in the title.
Although I had planned for a book 3, The Master Class, it never happened. (Until next year!).
When the opportunity came to re-release (including re-editing and adding in new material) to Physical Education, I jumped at the chance, and Lori once again was there, believing in this novel.
The series started with the all-new short Summer School, and the novella Christian Mingle. Next, stay tuned for Learning Curves (retitled) and finally The Master Class
Note: The book released last Friday, but with the violence in Paris and other parts of the world, I’ve held back on doing a lot of marketing.
Here’s to second chances!

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