Thursday, October 8, 2015

First Bio on Norman Reedus Pubished by RAB!

Just as the sixth ever-popular season of The Waling Dead is ready to premier, the first biography of the actor Norman Reedus has been published by the innovative hybrid publishing company, Riverdale Avenue Books, written by New York Times best-selling entertainment journalist Marc Shapiro.
“Everyone I know loves Norman Reedus’ Daryl character,” says Publisher Lori Perkins. “And most women I know, and some men, who gladly choose to spend the apocalypse under his alpha protection. In this biography, readers will get to see the real man behind the mythos.”
Although Norman Reedus has been playing the crossbow-wielding zombie hunter for six years now, few viewers know that he was once a very successful and sought after male model, as well as an artist.
“He’s a very interesting character,” said Marc Shapiro, author of the unauthorized biography, “both in the roles he plays and in the life he’s lead.”
This book chronicles his days as a defiant young man in a fractured but ultimately liberating family life, allegations of physical abuse from Reedus himself, to his struggles in the Los Angeles art underground, alcohol problems that saw him in AA and, for a time, homeless, his breakthrough in acting, modeling and the slow, steady and never boring journey through love, fatherhood and his often truly odd professional choices. You’ll discover why Reedus said thanks but no thanks to an offer to play opposite a reigning superstar, how he became Daryl Dixon and how The Walking Dead changed his life.

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