Thursday, May 14, 2015

Showtimes's Gigolos Cowboys4Angels Team Up with RAB for Erotic Romance

Internationally renowned male escort service Cowboys4Angels has teamed up with innovative hybrid publisher Riverdale Avenue Books to publish The Vegas Virgin by Lissa Trevor, a pseudonym for a USA Today best-selling erotic romance writer.
“Once I saw the Cowboy4Angels website, the men there reminded me of my cover models, except more accessible," said Trevor. "It sparked my creativity.  What if the reader could have their own adventure with the man on the cover of their book? What would you do if the rules didn't apply to you?"

 Riverdale Avenue Books’ Publisher Lori Perkins said “The story is so powerfully sensual – every woman’s Vegas naughty daydream – and yet Trevor manages to bring it all together with an erotic romance twist.”

Garren James, founder and President of Cowboys4angels said “I always imagined these amazing gentleman who love to make women happy as the perfect characters for a series of novels for women.  We hope that this becomes a vehicle for women’s fantasies featuring our fabulous men.”

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