Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rainbow Award M/M SoulShares Series to Pub at RAB

Rory combines male hotness and a fabulous sense of the unknown in her SoulShares series. I eagerly await every new release. Talk about being a page turner.” 
Susan Mac Nicol, international best-selling author of Saving Alexander and Worth Keeping
RIVERDALE, NEW YORK, March 26, 2015
-- Riverdale Avenue Books is pleased to announce the acquisition of the award-winning eight book SoulShares series by Rory Ni Coileain.  The first title in the series, Hard as Stone, will be released on Wednesday, May 27, which features the story of a powerful love between a disgraced Fae noble and a mortal lawyer. All eight titles will receive brand new covers.
The SoulShares series begins more than two thousand years ago, when the Fae of the Realm walled themselves off from the human world, in a last-ditch attempt to save the Realm from the unimaginable malevolence of the Marfach. The wisest among the Fae were able to foretell that only Fae in the human world had any chance of destroying the Marfach. So they left one path by which Fae –exiles, misfits, rebels – could make their way to the human world.
At a terrible cost. A Fae passing through the Pattern loses half his soul. That half is reborn, somewhere in human time and human space, in a human. In order to be whole, in order to stand a chance in the final battle against the race’s most ancient enemy, an exiled Fae must find – and mate with – and love – the human who bears the other half of his sundered soul.
The problem? Fae don’t love.
Hard as Stone was a finalist for Best Debut Novel and Best Gay Erotic Romance in the 2012 Rainbow Awards and was also a finalist for Best Erotica, in the 2012 Preditors & Editors Readers Poll.
Gale Force, the second novel in the SoulShares series will be released on June  10th, followed by Deep Plunge, the third novel in the series on June 24th, and Fire Storm, the series’ fourth title, on July 8th.  Blowing Smoke, the first new novel in the series, will launch on July 22nd.
It’s so exciting to be partnering with Riverdale Avenue Books to give the SoulShares series the treatment I’ve always wanted to give it, with everything they need to make their world come alive,” said the author. “I like to think of the SoulShares as a gateway drug – urban fantasy for lovers of erotic romance, erotic romance for lovers of urban fantasy.”

The titles are available for review on Netgalley.

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