Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Bossman, Winner of America's Next Top Erotica Competiton, Published by RAB

Riverdale Avenue Books Publishes The Bossman, Winner of America’s Next Top Erotica Competition by Renee Rose

Riverdale, NY – March 12, 2014 – Riverdale Avenue Books’ Desire imprint just published

The Bossman by Renee Rose, the winner of Eroticon USA’s competition for The Next Top Erotica Competition.

Rose was named America’s Next Top Erotica Writer during Eroticon USA after submitting three pages of The Bossman; a New York tale of a Mafia Don, a sassy masseuse and spanking. She won a contract from Riverdale Avenue Books to publish her book in print and ebook.

The Bossman is tells the story of Sophie Palazzo, who steered clear of the mafia after her father's involvement ended with his murder. Fifteen years later, Joey La Torre, the Don's brother himself, shows up unannounced at her massage studio and wheedles his way into a date. She has no interest in aggressive, macho men like Joey, or so she tries to tell herself, but her body just doesn't get the message. When Joey takes her in hand with a firm bare-bottomed spanking, she ought to be furious,but instead, she's aroused. As she explores her physical desires to be dominated, she tries to keep Joey at arm's length emotionally.

Joey knows he wants Sophie for keeps from the moment she walks into his life. She is hot, classy and full of fire, even though submission turns her on. But his involvement in the mafia is a hard limit for her, bringing to conflict his own dedication to the Family, the code of silence and his relationship with his older brother. Can he reconcile his duty to the organization and his growing need for Sophie to remain in his life permanently?

“We were thrilled to award Renee Rose a contract for her hot and wonderful mafia Don meets masseuse princess novel, The Bossman which was chosen as the winner by popular vote,” said Publisher Lori Perkins.

Buy the ebook for $6.99 at Amazon and or the print version for $16.99.

About Renee Rose
Renee Rose is a modern dance teacher, Feldenkrais Practitioner(R), energy worker and kinkster. Named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, her books are all centered around her favorite kink: spanking.

A lifelong writer, she has a B.A. in creative writing from Knox College, where she won the Davenport prize for both fiction and poetry, and the Lorraine Smith prize for literary criticism. She spent thirteen years in technical writing before she found a way to incorporate her deepest darkest spanking fantasies into fiction and express a part of her that longed to see the light. She is now passionate about supporting others in accepting and exploring their kink, whatever that may be. Join the conversation at