Saturday, November 20, 2021

Call for Stories for Santa Con: An Anthology of Sexy Santas, Coy Misses Clauses and Naughty Elves



Santa Con is a unique experience to the Christmas holiday with interesting origins, where all sorts of people of all ages dress up as Santas, Misses Clauses, and elves, head to the bars to get obliterated and blast Christmas music from dusk ‘til dawn. Some put on the traditional outfits we’re used to: the classic Santa outfit, the cutsie Misses Clause outfits, and so many worker elves. But others put on a sexy twist—opened Santa jackets, short skirts and shorts, and slutty worker elves—and that’s where Riverdale Avenue Books is going this year.


For this anthology, we want to exist in the Christmas spirit that happens away from the public eye, behind doors when no one’s watching, and the clothes start to come off and the snow turns to steam. We’re looking for sexy, mischievous, romantic stories that give us a different kind of warm tingling inside. Whether it be a worker elf seducing their boss, Santa Claus or a Misses Claus taking charge for once, we welcome any stories that bring a smile to our face, and a little hope that we may feel that warm, Christmas spirit with someone else.


We seek stories that entertain, capture the happy spirit of Christmas and bring people as close together as possible. We welcome stories of all backgrounds, of all genders and sexualities. We know sometimes the décor of Christmas, and Santa Con, can be riddled by the gender binary, so we welcome stories that play with those identities; a butch misses Claus, a submissive or femme Santa Claus; nonbinary elves; drag queens and kings dressed as the Clauses. So long as someone is wrapped up in Christmas, we don’t care who’s in what!


The Anthology will be published by Riverdale Avenue Books in both epub and print December 2021. All authors receive print (if time allows) and digital copies, as well as a $10 advance upon publication.


Please send double-spaced word doc submissions of up to 5,00 words to with the subject line “Santa Con Anthology” by December 10, or before.


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