Tuesday, September 28, 2021

What We're Looking for at RAB

I'm attending my first in-person writer's conference this November - The Liberty States Writers Conference in New Jersey on November 6th, 


They asked me to tell participants what I am looking to publish at Riverdale Avenue Books, and I quickly jotted down some thoughts. I surprised myself by having quite an extensive list, so I am including it here.

Feel free to share.

We are looking for people to write books in our Binge Watcher’s Guide series. If you love a TV show or movie series and feel you can fill a book with your insight, pitch me.

Anyone who is working on redefining the vampire mythos. I do NOT want Twilight/Anne Rice/True Blood vampires, but vampires for a new generation.

In romance, I want new alpha heroes — no billionaires, athletes or military guys. We want the new men of Ted Lasso.

In horror, women and children who kill. We want men to be afraid, very afraid. Revenge is a good motivator too.

Post #MeToo romance, romantic suspense.

Erotic Historicals, a la Bridgerton.

Romance set in nontraditional times and places.

Romantic science fiction, Star Trek as a soap opera, jumping from bed to bed.

LGBTQ+ fiction and nonfiction.

Women-centric memoir


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