Monday, July 16, 2018

Second Novel in Jack-the-Ripper series, “Track The Ripper” by Dr. Katherine Ramsland, Just Published

Riverdale Avenue Books has just released a new mystery/thriller title Track The Ripper by Dr. Katherine Ramsland. This new paranormal romantic suspense is the first title in Riverdale Avenue Books’ revitalized Dagger imprint. The second novel in this international series features a secret society of telepathic blood-magic angels who come together to destroy what appears to be the reincarnation of Jack the Ripper.

This second novel in the Hearts of Darkness Series, Track the Ripper, takes NYPD detective Dianysus Brentano to London, Glastonbury and Paris as she chases a man who calls himself Jack the Ripper straight into an Internet web that aims to turn followers into killers and control the world. Her resolve to recover what he stole from her attracts allies from among the blood-drinking celestial ma’lakhim. Overwhelmed by their dangerous beauty, Dianysus sets her heart on the leader, Sitri, who has been her secret protector since childhood. But she’s unsure if he’s equally attracted to her or is exploiting her for his own purpose. 

Dianysus learns that the mother who’d abandoned her when she was young had been a queen among these creatures. This makes her own blood unique and gives her new skills. When she discovers that the Ripper seeks her blood to complete his conquest, she forms a risky plan. As the ma’lakhim strive to save Paris and London from mass destruction, Dianysus goes to face the Ripper alone. She must trust that her blood-bond with Sitri is true, because otherwise, all is lost.

“Track the Ripper weaves paranormal romance and mystery together as a rogue nyc detective tracks a serial killer aided by a secret society of angels,” said Publisher Lori Perkins.. “It’s Anne Rice’s Talamasca with very sexy angels!”

"Within Ripper lore and 19th-century occult practices in London and Paris," says author Katherine Ramsland, "were intriguing mysteries that let me blend thriller, crime investigation, and erotic romance in this parallel shadow world. I loved raising the stakes from The Ripper Letter into this much more dangerous mission."

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