Thursday, May 31, 2018

Riverdale Avenue Books #MeToo Anthology Wins Bronze Medal from the Independent Publishers Awards (IPPY)

For the fourth consecutive year, the innovative hybrid publisher Riverdale Avenue Books will receive an Independent Publisher Book Award. #MeToo: Essays About How and Why This Happened, What It Means and How To Make Sure It Never Happens Again received a bronze medal in the Women’s Issues category at the IPPY award ceremony on May 29th at the Copacabana Times Square.

Published in early November of 2017, #MeToo is a collection of 24 essays written as an immediate reaction to the Twitter hashtag #MeToo as the multiple revelations of sexual predation in Hollywood and elsewhere quickly spread throughout the world. The authors see #MeToo as the tipping point of the need for change and the book calls for ways to figure out how to drive that change.

“I am so proud that this book has won this award.  All the authors wrote their essays within a week and donated their work so this book could be available free and could reach as many people as possible.  This award will help that message reach even more people,” said Publisher Lori Perkins.

Attending the awards ceremony were Publisher Lori Perkins, #MeToo essayists Camilla Saly, Cathy Brown and Veronica Vera, and RAB Social Media Manager Trevor Lang and Formatter Judi Fennell.  “It takes a village to publish a book in eight days, “ said Publisher Perkins.  “This is my village.”

#MeToo is available for free digitally, and at cost in print.

The Independent Publisher Book Awards, affectionately called the IPPY Awards, has identified a reading list of progressive, thought-provoking books, the kind that can touch lives, advance careers, and stretch our imaginations. "Recognizing Excellence in Independent Publishing," the IPPY Awards showcase the best books from throughout North America and the English-speaking world. Launched as the first unaffiliated awards program open exclusively to independent, university, and self-published titles.

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