Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Riverdale Avenue Books Launches Hera Books Women’s Imprint

Riverdale Avenue Books just launched Hera Books, a new imprint featuring both the true and fictional lives and loves of women aged 35 and up. The new imprint is named after Hera, the Greek goddess of goddesses, and the goddess of marriage (also Zeus’ jealous wife).

Said Publisher Lori Perkins. “We want to re-frame Hera in the 21st century because we believe she has been portrayed unjustly. She’s the Hilary Clinton of mythology.  I like to think that Hera is just female for hero.”

The first book from the imprint will be Smoke, Drink, F*#k by Esme Oliver, described by the author as “the antithesis of Eat, Pray Love,” about a woman on the verge of 40 who goes to Italy to smoke, drink f*#k and ends up finding herself. “I wrote the book to reach women my age who were dating and not having a lot of success,” explained Oliver. “I thought this might help them. I also wrote it to show how despite heartbreaking pain, there is always light on the other side and at least for me, the pleasure was worth the pain.” 
“Romance novels usually have protagonists aged 27 years old, but the average age of a romance reader is 42,” said Publisher Lori Perkins. “We want to make these books more relatable to the real romance reader. I find that the older women get, the wiser they get. “
One book a month will be published to the new imprint. To learn more about Hera Books, please visit riverdaleavebooks.com.

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