Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Spend Thanksgiving with Family You Really LOVE - 50% Off on Stepbrothers, MILFs and DILFs

Spend this Thanksgiving with your favorite dysfunctional family with the help of Riverdale Avenue Books with is 50% off of all MILF, DILF, and Stepbrother titles to kick off the holiday season.

“We know how crazy your family can get during Thanksgiving, so we wanted to offer our readers a great discount and a laugh,” said Publisher, Lori Perkins. “Our readers love MILFS, DILFS and stepbrothers, and I know they rather be with them over their own dysfunctional families.”

Each book has a unique code for the 50% discount that can be redeemed on The tiles and discount codes include:

· Happy MILF Day, edited by Lori Perkins - MILFTG2016

· Happy DILF Day, edited by Lori Perkins - DILFTG2016

· Her Stepbrothers’ Demands, by Trinity Blacio - HSDTG2016

· Her Stepbrothers are Aliens, by Trinity Blacio - HSAATG2016

· Her Stepbrothers are Blood Suckers, by Trinity Blacio - HSABSTG2016

· Her Stepbrothers are Angels, by Trinity Blacio - HSAATG2016

· Her Stepbrothers are Demons, by Trinity Blacio - HSADMTG2016

· Her Stepbrothers are Dragons, by Trinity Blacio - HSADRTG2016

· Her Stepbrothers are Werewolves, by Trinity Blacio - HSAWTG2016

· Her Stepbrothers are Saber Tooth Tigers, by Trinity Blacio - HSASTTTG2016

· Her Stepbrothers Christmas Gift, by Rachel Kenley - HSCGTG2016

· Her Beastly Stepbrother, by Rachel Kenley - HBSTG2016

· Her Frozen Stepbrother, by Rachel Kenley - HFSTG2016

· Stepbrothers in the Attic, by Ryan Field - SITATG2016

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