Thursday, October 20, 2016

Gary Reed of Deadworld has Passed Away; Deadworld Deadline Extended to include Tributes

It is with great sadness that we have to report that Gary Reed passed away suddenly early this month from a heart attack.

Riverdale Avenue Books  was working closely with Gary on the creation and publication of an original Deadworld anthology of short stories based on the Deadworld universe, which was to be published this Halloween. In light of his death, the project was postponed and has been expanded to be a tribute to Gary’s life and work, as well as an anthology of Deadworld stories.

With this new direction, we have been working with Gary’s estate to reach out to the many artists, authors and colleagues who have worked with Gary to see if they would like to contribute an essay (or short story) to be included in this collection. We are hoping to publish the tribute book in early 2017.

One of Gary’s colleagues also suggested that Gary could appear as a character in a Deadworld story in the tribute book, and we are looking for an author (or authors) to try their hand at that.  Some of the artists brought Gary zombie art to the memorial service and that could also make its way into the tribute book.

If there are authors or people you know who might be interested in being included in this book, please pass this notice on to them.

We believe that Gary would be proud of the direction this book is now taking and that it will reflect his contribution to the horror field appropriately, as well as his legacy.

Below is the link to the original call for stories. The deadline for this anthology is now December 15th, 2016.

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