Friday, September 9, 2016

Call for Stories for Licensed Deadworld Anthology to be Published by RAB THIS Halloween

Deadworld, one of the oldest zombie graphic novels in existence, has teamed up with Riverdale Avenue Books to publish a prose anthology of short stories for Halloween 2016.
The editors are looking for stories that firmly take place in the existing Deadworld universe (see links), but expand the characters and situations in new and creative ways.
A little bit about the Deadworld universe:
Deadworld was launched by Arrow Comics in 1986 and published by various entities through today.
This shortened synopsis covers about 2000 pages of art and story. But it should give an idea.
The initial storyline was essentially a group of teens traveling around on a school bus, being chased by zombies. After the first few issues, a militant group was brought in. The story centered on the military group fighting the zombies and the original teens\ soon became either separated or dead. Another cast of characters was introduced and this group was in Michigan and they made for the Upper Peninsula to escape the zombies. The second volume relaunched Deadworld and continued the storyline from the first volume. Many of the story plots were wrapped up and the Voodoo Queen was introduced who competed with King Zombie for control of the zombies. The Dead Killer, introduced in a back up series of the first volume, spun off into his own miniseries that took place between volumes one and two and became a regular in volume two. At the end of the second volume, the Tattoo mini-series was released.

Deadworld was relaunched in 2006 via Image Comics. This new series (volume 3) was a complete reboot. Deadworld had been around for nearly 20 years and it was nearly impossible to expect fans to pickup on all the storylines. So, the teens were reintroduced and the story soon departed from the original although many of the major characters remain. The mini-series, Requiem for the World, was followed by Frozen Over, which took place in New York and then Slaughterhouse brought the focus back to the primary characters.

War of the Dead DID come out in 2012 and it was followed by Restoration in 2014.  Both were nominated for a few industry awards and both won the Ghastly Award for Best in Horror mini-series. IDW has also reprinted much of the older Deadworld in addition to releasing an original graphic novel, The Last Siesta

This will be a Riverdale Avenue Book in the new horror line, Afraid!.  We pay quarterly 33% royalties on digital and 8% on print.  Royalties will be split on a pro rata share amongst the authors. There is foreign interest in this topic.

We will publish this book by the end of October ONLINE AND IN PRINT as a paperback, so the deadline is October 8. Stories should be between 1200 and 5000 words.  If you have something longer, please email us directly at

Below are links to the series guidelines, character descriptions and back issues.

Deadworld Reference Guide

Voices from the Deadworld- a chronicle of the story from different perspectives in one-page narrations.

Deadworld: Requiem for the World- the graphic novel that "rebooted" Deadworld and the first in the current storyline.

Deadworld: Slaughterhouse- The second volume of current series.

Deadworld: War of the Dead- The third of four of the current series

Deadworld: Restoration:  The fourth of four of the current series.

Deadworld Chronicles: Short Stories set in Deadworld.

Deadworld Archives 1:  The original series and including the first 4 issues of the very first DW series.

Deadworld Archives 2: The second volume of Deadworld from the late 1980s.

Deadworld Archives 3:  The third (of six) collecting the original series.

Deadworld Archives 4: The fourth (of six) collecting the original series.

Deadworld Archives 5:  The fifth (of six) the original series in the 1990s.

Deadword Archives 6: Final volume collecting the original series of Deadworld from the 1990s.

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