Thursday, July 7, 2016

ReLaunching the Dagger Imprint with The Ripper Letter by Best-selling Author Katherine Ramsland

Riverdale Avenue Books is relaunching its Dagger mystery/thriller line with the publication of The Ripper Letter, the first novel in The Hearts of Darkness series by best-selling author and forensic psychologist Dr. Katherine Ramsland.

The dark thriller involves a missing letter penned by Jack the Ripper, a secret society of autopsy enthusiasts, an occult code and angels.

"When I learned that a letter once attributed to Jack the Ripper was missing from police files, I thought, 'What if it's missing for a supernatural reason?' This launched my search though ancient codes and biblical history to create a universe in which Jack the Ripper had elevated motives.” Explained Katherine Ramsland. “I used an actual Ripper suspect with occult leanings to entice my female detective into a dangerously erotic arena."

“I am so thrilled to be working with Kathie Ramsland on this exciting, unique paranormal murder series. It’s perfect for our list,” said Publisher Lori Perkins.

Dean Koontz called Ramsland’s Ghost: Investigating the Other Side, “The best book of its kind I’ve ever read,” and Publisher’s Weekly stated that “Ramsland is a master of foreboding.” Whitley Streiber found The Heat Seekers to be a “gem” and said, “Katherine Ramsland is a marvelous novelist, who approaches her subject with chilling, fascinating inner knowledge.”

The Dagger imprint will be publishing a mystery/thriller title every month with the next title being the second novel in the pop culture near future thriller Macroglint series, The Weekend at Prism by John Patrick Kavanagh.

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  1. I can think of no better author, for whom to re-open a closed imprint, than Katherine Ramsland.

    Writing for the love of writing is wonderful, but writing for the love of writing, while possessing a special knowledge and insight into the topic of which one writes, results in a finely crafted escape into printed bliss.