Friday, May 27, 2016

RAB Publishes Erotic Wonderland Anthology to Tie-In with Disney's Through the Looking Glass

As Disney prepares to release its latest retelling of this classic, Riverdale Avenue Books brings you the erotic version.

Below is an interview with the anthology's editor, J. Blackmore

How did you come up with the idea for this anthology?

I honestly can't remember if this theme was assigned, or if I chose it because that's the kind of erotica I wanted to read. I usually come up with anthology ideas based in what I feel like reading. I know the idea to do two--one light and dreamy, the other dark and nightmarish--was something I asked for because the submissions demanded it. There were too many good stories with conflicting themes to only do one collection.

Why do you think the Alice in Wonderland universe lends itself to constant retelling and fan fiction?

Wonderland is very deep and shifts constantly. It's a dream world, and we all dream, so we all have an idea of what our Wonderland should look like. Also, Carroll left a lot of stories untold, or half told, and it's almost a compulsive need for some of us to know those stories.

Do you have a favorite retelling?

A lot of my favorite retellings are in these collections. The stories here brought the love and lust that I, as a lusty kid, always wanted in the original stories.

Do you think you’ll edit more with the release of this latest Disney version?

I'd love to do another collection, whether or not that's realistic. I was stunned by the original group, and had a hard time picking ones not to print. Since then, I've worked with authors who I would love to see give this a try.

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