Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Louisa Bacio Talks About Writing Lesbian Sex U Novel

Louisa Bacio just published the second novel in her Sex University series, Learning Curves, which features an all-girls school where women learn to explore and express their sexuality.   Previous tales in the series have included Christian Mingle, where the author sent a character much like Anna Duggar to Sex U after a national scandal, and Physical Education, Book One, as well as Summer School.

What inspired you to write a Lesbian novel in the Sex University Series?

When it comes to writing romance, the characters speak for themselves. They choose their love interests. After book 1, Physical Education, I wanted to revisit the character of Margaret, the police officer. She’s a bit dismissive of the school, and looks down on Amanda for attending.

There’s a bit of a turnabout that comes in book 2, where Margaret needs to find herself, and also feel protective toward someone else.

When did you publish your first lesbian story/novel?

My first F/F story came out in the anthology I Kissed a Girl in 2009. “Two’s Company” follows a progression of a ménage that eventually becomes F/F.

How did you come up with the idea for Sex University Series?

Honestly, undercurrents come from Anne Rice’s (writing as Anne Rampling) Exit to Eden. There is the connection to the freedom of sexuality. At Sex U. students get to explore their interests without any fear of censorship or ridicule.

We need more open communication about sexuality in the world. It’s one of the base human needs, and yet so many people prefer to hide it.

What’s in the future for the series?

So far, Ms. Lucy has been a secondary character. She’s found love with Clarissa, but their relationship is built on a rocky foundation. Next up is The Master Class, where someone from Clarissa’s past comes back and shakes things up.

Any more lesbian novels/stories in the works?

Always. I’m so close to finishing a F/F retelling of “Sleeping Beauty.” “The Master Class” is a F/F/M, which may not the most popular pairing, but I think it’s hot.  

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