Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Magic University Box Set on Sale with a New Xmas Story

Riverdale Avenue Books just published Cecilia Tan’s Magic University: The Compete Series as a six-title box set with a brand new story for the holidays, Christmas Magic.

Magic University is award-winning author Cecilia Tan's new adult erotic romance series. Follow Kyle's adventures as he arrives at Harvard, discovers he's magical, and learns he's destined to study at the magical college hidden in plain sight. Kyle's story ultimately is a quest to find true love, and many lessons must be learned and many risks taken on that journey. While studying sexual magic, Kyle comes to grips with bisexuality (a necessary trait for a sex magician), partakes in erotic rituals, finds strength in a circle of friends and lovers, and risks his heart for those he loves, but always yearns to find that one true love who will make him complete.

It’s Christmas at Gladius House but Frost isn’t feeling very festive. Kyle will do anything he can, though, to set Frost’s world alight. Set a few months after the final events in the Magic University series, the novella runs 15,000 words and contains erotic scenes

Tan explained what inspired her to write the new story. "So many significant scenes take place around the winter holidays in the Magic University books--Kyle's first time kissing another man, his confrontation with his best friend, and so many others--it just made sense to me to set a new story at Christmas. I wanted to explore a bit more about Kyle and Frost's relationship in the aftermath of the series, which ends at Halloween. So Christmas had perfect timing."

The six-book Box set goes on sale for $9.99 on December 16th. Available only for a limited time! For one low price get all four full-length Magic U. novels, the complete collection of 17 short stories, and one brand new novella, Christmas Magic! Who better to tell a Christmas tale than Frost?

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