Wednesday, August 12, 2015

First Novel Gina's Education Just Pubbed by RAB, Winner of BDSM Writers Con Contest

Riverdale Avenue Books has released the paperback and ebook editions of Gina’s Education, a 2014 Winner of the BDSM Writers Con Contest by first-time novelist Mariah Bailey, to co-inside with the kick off of this year’s BDSM Writers Con August 20-23 in New York City.
Gina’s Education was a first attempt at writing an erotic novel and I kept shelving it, not satisfied with the story,” explained the author. “About forty edits and seven years later, I entered the First Annual BDSM Writers Con book contest with the hope of making it into the finals. Imagine my surprise to be awarded the prize of a book contract!”
“I loved editing Gina’s Education,” said Riverdale Publisher Lori Perkins.  “It is a very creative retelling of the classic BDSM fairy tale, with memorable characters and some hot twists and turns.”

Gina’s Education tells the story of Gina Perry, down on her luck after her identity has been stolen, who applies for a job as a domestic servant, or so she thought, and quickly finds herself naked in every sense. This job is psychologically challenging. Her new employer insists she call him Master, and there is a price to pay for not complying. A good Master, he pushes her limits and makes her grow. He teaches her about bondage and discipline, dominance and submission.

Master Robert re-names her Rose and gives her hope, but she isn’t sure she is up to the task. She’ll have to get to know herself on a much deeper level than most people ever discover.
Master Robert seldom shows emotion. Rose sparks something in him that he’s never realized before; a need to protect her, and not just in the games. While he’s learning about her, the depths of his feelings toward her surprise him. Robert’s never been in love and he resists, but he can’t resist his pride in her.  Robert sets out to right the wrong done to her and discovered a lot more than he expected.  

About the Author
Mariah Bailey is a wife and mother who started writing in high school, and picked up the pen again in mid-life. For the past few years, Mariah has participated in writing groups both locally and online to hone her craft.  She has written numerous short stories and poetry. Challenges from others to write “outside the comfort zone” inspired exploring erotica. After entering several erotica contests and even winning a few, she had the encouragement needed to write a novel.

Mariah has always had a fascination with psychology and this fascination coupled with writing erotica made turning to researching BDSM a natural. The world of BDSM seems as varied from one person to the next as are opinions or appetites, so it is a never-ending source of inspiration! Gina’s Education is her first published novel.

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