Thursday, June 4, 2015

Join Us for a Gay Wedding in 'American Hunks', the 4th Installment in Our M/M Passport to a Fling Series

Innovative hybrid publisher Riverdale Avenue Books (RAB) has just released  American Hunks, the fourth novel in the best-selling M/M Passport to a Fling series by Adam Carpenter.
Once upon a time, three best friends journeyed to three separate foreign capitals in search of love. Now, the friends are getting ready to reunite for a wedding filled with surprises, sex, and seduction.

Matt Donovan and Anton Marcel have made the ultimate commitment: wishing to share their lives forever. Freddie Markson and Santo Mancusi have been growing apart ever since Santo’s movie career has taken off. Jake Westbury remains in search of love, going from one meaningless relationship to another. A joyous celebration will at last reunite the three friends, but not before a series of events threaten to undo their hard-fought happiness. With the aid of the Abbott siblings, all of whom have impacted the friends’ lives, the drama reaches its crescendo at a fabulous villa in the South of France.

From Paris to Los Angeles, New York to Tuscany, London to Nice, brimming with hot hunks and even hotter sex, the adventures of Matt, Freddie, and Jake continue in this fourth volume of the Passport to a Fling series.

Publisher Lori Perkins says, “I just loved this series and begged Adam for a June wedding, and boy, did he deliver!”

Said the author, “I never envisioned meeting these characters again…but had a blast I had writing about Matt, Freddie and Jake’s further exotic…and erotic adventures.  It’s great to write about a gay marriage without attaching all the political stuff.  This is just a book about men who love each other and want to share their lives together.  It’s honest, real, and very…well, hot.”

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