Friday, May 9, 2014

The Bossman - Why Mobsters and Spanking Go Together

By Renee Rose

Writing about spanking has its challenges.  For those of us who love spanking romance, we like non-consensual and yet we want it fair. We want it real but we live in a society in which corporal punishment is no longer acceptable. For this reason I often choose to write historicals, where a non-consensual spanking is far more likely to occur. 

But what if you want to write contemporary spanking romance?  Then you’re looking for the kind of scenario where it might fit--some environment in which a macho guy might not have any problem delivering a little physical chastisement to his woman.

Enter the mobster: commanding and powerful. Not unwilling to ignore society’s rules about violence. The perfect spanking romance hero!

I have always loved mafia stories--I must have recognized the alpha male potential spanker in there somewhere.  The Bossman features Joey La Torre, brother to the don in a Chicago-based Family. 

The first spanking is non-consensual: Joey spins Sophie around, pulls her skirt up and slaps her bare ass when she lies to him over dating another guy. As it turns out, Sophie does not mind so very much (read--it turns her on!), and a domestic discipline relationship is born.

Their story is actually very sweet, the main conflicts not over spanking but over Joey’s role in the Family and Sophie’s unresolved anger over her father’s death but this book is the first in a series and the next mafia spanking romance has a bit more grit to it!  Stay tuned for its release…

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