Monday, December 24, 2012

From Dusk to Nightfall: A Vampire Romeo & Juliet

I edited this book three years ago when Lois Gresh's nonfiction companion guide to the Twilight series had made the NY Times best-seller list. She told me she knew what made the Twilight series so compelling and I double-dog dared her to put her fingers where her mouth was, so to speak. She wrote this book, originally titled DUSK and published in Dec. 2009, at my request.

When this manuscript came in, I read it in one night. Her star-crossed lovers were riveting to me. She had written a vampire Romeo & Juliet.  I loved it!!! When Lois told me there were additional books in the series, I wanted to read about what happened to her star-crossed lovers, so I re-published the first book in this series to see if other readers wanted more of this immortal Greek vampire and the young voodoo heiress.  I do hope you agree with me.

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  1. Thanks, Lori. I'm delighted that you like NIGHTFALL. It'll be great to see the other books in the series published, too. I know a lot of readers wanted the next book following DUSK, so fingers crossed...