Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Interview with Award-Winning Author of the M/M SoulShares Fae Series on the Publication of the 6th Book

Rory Ni Coileain has given us a world where macho hunky faes come to Earth and must find their human soulmate... or die.  And the fate of the world lies upon their completion of this bond.

She's been working on the series for four years, and has won numerous awards and nominations for her unique world and view, most recently her 5th SoulShares novel, BLOWING SMOKE finished second in the Best Erotica Novel category in the Preditors & Editors Readers' Poll and received an Honorable Mention in this years' Rainbow Awards.

What was the inspiration for the SoulShares series?

I'm not sure it was any one thing... I love the idea of fated mates, but I always thought it was just a little too easy to meet your happily-ever-after, fall blissfully in love, and ride off into the sunset. So I thought, what about fated mates, where one of the pair is from a race that doesn't believe in love and tends to think of humans as pretty toys?

Have you always been attracted to M/M fiction?
I actually didn't think I could write M/M. At all. I started as a favor to a dear friend, who had read a lot of my M/F role-play fiction and begged me to write some M/M. I wrote what was supposed to be a one-off story for her.... and here I am, four years later!

Why Fae?
They're very pushy. *winks* Seriously, the fey folk are in my Irish blood, and I love the range of possibilities. In my books, the "Fae" are the most human-appearing of the inhabitants of the Fae Realm, but there are others, based on Irish and Scottish legend and lore for the most part.

What’s in the future for SoulShares?
For Rory, the author? I'm currently working on UNDERTOW, SoulShares #7, and then the eight-book story arc will wrap with STONE COLD. And I have a few other stories in the hopper -- a few shapeshifters, a contemporary Christmas story, a contribution to an anthology commemorating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, a set of Gille Dubh stories. I even have a few ideas for novellas set in the SoulShares world, if people want to see what happens next....

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