Monday, July 16, 2018

Second Novel in Jack-the-Ripper series, “Track The Ripper” by Dr. Katherine Ramsland, Just Published

Riverdale Avenue Books has just released a new mystery/thriller title Track The Ripper by Dr. Katherine Ramsland. This new paranormal romantic suspense is the first title in Riverdale Avenue Books’ revitalized Dagger imprint. The second novel in this international series features a secret society of telepathic blood-magic angels who come together to destroy what appears to be the reincarnation of Jack the Ripper.

This second novel in the Hearts of Darkness Series, Track the Ripper, takes NYPD detective Dianysus Brentano to London, Glastonbury and Paris as she chases a man who calls himself Jack the Ripper straight into an Internet web that aims to turn followers into killers and control the world. Her resolve to recover what he stole from her attracts allies from among the blood-drinking celestial ma’lakhim. Overwhelmed by their dangerous beauty, Dianysus sets her heart on the leader, Sitri, who has been her secret protector since childhood. But she’s unsure if he’s equally attracted to her or is exploiting her for his own purpose. 

Dianysus learns that the mother who’d abandoned her when she was young had been a queen among these creatures. This makes her own blood unique and gives her new skills. When she discovers that the Ripper seeks her blood to complete his conquest, she forms a risky plan. As the ma’lakhim strive to save Paris and London from mass destruction, Dianysus goes to face the Ripper alone. She must trust that her blood-bond with Sitri is true, because otherwise, all is lost.

“Track the Ripper weaves paranormal romance and mystery together as a rogue nyc detective tracks a serial killer aided by a secret society of angels,” said Publisher Lori Perkins.. “It’s Anne Rice’s Talamasca with very sexy angels!”

"Within Ripper lore and 19th-century occult practices in London and Paris," says author Katherine Ramsland, "were intriguing mysteries that let me blend thriller, crime investigation, and erotic romance in this parallel shadow world. I loved raising the stakes from The Ripper Letter into this much more dangerous mission."

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Launch Date of July 17 Set for Romance Daily News

We've been busy designing and assigning the content for Romance Daily News. You can see our work-in-progress up at

There are some exciting new features that we're working on such as This Day in Romance, which will highlight romantic (and less than romantic) events that have taken place on a calendar day in history.

We also have our very own in-house astrologer, Sephera Giron, who has studied occult arts and writes both paranormal romance and New Age nonfiction.

And we will have a regular Last Kiss cartoon from John Lustig, who updates old romance comics form the 60's and 70's (which I love).

In addition, we have a new partnership that we'll be announcing that will enable us to offer subscribers a free book a day, as well as an exclusive author interview.

And lots of trend articles, as well as guest posts from editors, agents, librarians, book sellers and publicists. Even accountants!

And reviews! We're hoping to publish three reviews a day in our first month and gradually get up to 150 reviews a month.

We'll be making our official launch announcement on July 17th in Denver at the annual Romance Writers of America conference.

Please email me of you'd like to contribute a piece or review, or inquire about advertising.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Call for Submissions for Funny Stories for Divorce Diaries Anthology

Call for Submissions to Divorce Diaries Anthology Edited by Michelle Traina

Michele Traina, a regular at Caroline’s on Broadway and various East Coast comedy clubs, has put together a comedy showcase where performers share their amusing divorce stories. Inspired by that, award-winning New York publisher Riverdale Avenue Books is now collecting anecdotes like these into an anthology.

Divorce Diaries is a comedic journey examining families, careers, and love before, during, and after divorce.  In this anthology, writers, actors and comedians share how they, their family or friends have been touched by divorce, and replaced their tears with laughter. 

Michelle Traina said, “Divorce led me to uncover different facets of my life and affected my journey as a stand-up comic. I live with my parents, make fish sticks for dinner and I’m far from the average soccer mom. But I enjoy my daughter’s silly moments and show her how to find the humor in life's roughest.” 

The collection is intended to inspire the reader, and motivate them through any life-transition. Reminding them to laugh because nothing is perfect forever, and remember that you have the power to change your life.  

The anthology is looking for humorous prose in the 1,500 to 5,000 word range.  Please include a short bio with your submission.  If you are on the East Coast, you might be asked to bring your routine to the stage.  Please send submissions to:, attn: Divorce Diaries.

Deadline for submission is July 30.  Publication will be October, 2018.  All participants will receive a copy of the ebook and a print book, as well as a pro rata share of the royalties.  The book will be on sale online, as well in bookstores throughout the United States, and available in English throughout the world.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Call for Stories for LGBTQ Horror Erotica Anthology Dark Rainbow

Dark Rainbow Vol. 1 is the first book of an LGBT dark erotica series edited by Andrew Robertson. The anthology will be released by award-winning New York publisher Riverdale Avenue Books.

Dark Rainbow will explore a wicked hunger within the LGBT sphere with exciting short stories that thrill the reader and all of their senses, but also send shivers down their spine. Send us the type of horrific treats that can only come with a queer protagonist, and tricks that have a lasting effect on the reader…a werebear who longs for more than a full moon can offer, a polyamorous necromancer, a witch who has plans for a different type of coven, a vampire who can’t let go of their favorite same-sex snack, a voodoo tale of zombies with a hunger for bisexual brains…

We are looking for stories that cover all sexualities and have an exciting, horrific edge.  Blood and guts should be served with a sexy side course. There are several authors confirmed, so we are looking to complete the anthology with some stimulating new voices.

We welcome anything in the horror-erotica realm but no incest, no underage sex, no dubious consent, and be careful with age play. Horror should be relevant to the plot. Splatterpunk and extreme gore won’t be considered for this anthology.

Payment is a pro rata share of epub and print royalties, a pdf and a print copy of the book. All authors will receive an acknowledgement and response within four weeks. Please inquire about reprints. Original, unpublished work is highly preferred.

All submissions should;
·         Be submitted as a Word doc
·         Be between 2500-8000 words
·         Be proofread
·         Follow the Shunn Manuscript format
·         Use Times New Roman 12 point and underline italics
·         Use ### or *** centred for scene breaks, with a blank line above and below
·         Include title, last name and page number in upper right hand corner using the ‘Header’ feature

Deadline is July 6, 2018 at midnight, the witching hour…
Send submissions to:

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Riverdale Avenue Books #MeToo Anthology Wins Bronze Medal from the Independent Publishers Awards (IPPY)

For the fourth consecutive year, the innovative hybrid publisher Riverdale Avenue Books will receive an Independent Publisher Book Award. #MeToo: Essays About How and Why This Happened, What It Means and How To Make Sure It Never Happens Again received a bronze medal in the Women’s Issues category at the IPPY award ceremony on May 29th at the Copacabana Times Square.

Published in early November of 2017, #MeToo is a collection of 24 essays written as an immediate reaction to the Twitter hashtag #MeToo as the multiple revelations of sexual predation in Hollywood and elsewhere quickly spread throughout the world. The authors see #MeToo as the tipping point of the need for change and the book calls for ways to figure out how to drive that change.

“I am so proud that this book has won this award.  All the authors wrote their essays within a week and donated their work so this book could be available free and could reach as many people as possible.  This award will help that message reach even more people,” said Publisher Lori Perkins.

Attending the awards ceremony were Publisher Lori Perkins, #MeToo essayists Camilla Saly, Cathy Brown and Veronica Vera, and RAB Social Media Manager Trevor Lang and Formatter Judi Fennell.  “It takes a village to publish a book in eight days, “ said Publisher Perkins.  “This is my village.”

#MeToo is available for free digitally, and at cost in print.

The Independent Publisher Book Awards, affectionately called the IPPY Awards, has identified a reading list of progressive, thought-provoking books, the kind that can touch lives, advance careers, and stretch our imaginations. "Recognizing Excellence in Independent Publishing," the IPPY Awards showcase the best books from throughout North America and the English-speaking world. Launched as the first unaffiliated awards program open exclusively to independent, university, and self-published titles.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Romance Daily News to Launch in June to Carry-on RT Reviews Traditions

I was a little surprised that I announced that I am starting Romance Daily News (which we already affectionately refer to as RDN) at this morning’s opening breakfast for Romantic Times.  I had been asked to talk about how much Kathryn Falk has influenced my life in publishing. I wanted everyone to know that she has been a role model for me, a friend, and a constant force of positive energy for everyone who falls under the romance umbrella for three decades in this ever-changing book world, but I hadn’t really anticipated that I would just blurt out the news.  It’s just not how these things are done.  But when I saw how sad so many of the attendees of the convention were at the news that this would be the last RT convention and that RT Reviews would be closing, I couldn’t keep the exciting news to myself, and I didn’t want anyone to think that Kathryn’s legacy would fail to go on.  I have been on the phone with Kathryn, late nights and weekends, talking about how I could fill the gap with a new publication so there would be no void left by the closing of RT.

My vision for Romance Daily News will include a lot of what RT Reviews did – reviews, interviews, trends, free reads, etc., but it will be a little more expansive in its definition of what romance news is.  As I’ve gotten older I can see the romantic in places I never saw it before.  And as my world gets more complicated, and often darker, I want to share the joy that romance brings in everything I do.

So, Romance Daily News will have a lot of new elements, more like a print women’s magazine -- horoscopes, This Day in Romance, an editorial cartoon by Last Kiss artist John Lustig, but also features on trends in romance on everything from books to films and TV and theater, as well as clothing, vacations, food and drink, friendships, real life romance, and even romance in art, history, gaming, sex, politics, science and math.  Romance and the romantic is everywhere, and we, as the readers and writers who love romance, need to show the world that there’s another way to see things every minute of every day. For many, romance is an escape.  For me, it’s a reality.

We’re putting together columns and features and new sections.  We’ll need reviewers and writers, and all kinds of input, so please feel free to write me with suggestions at

We are hoping to launch in June, just as RT Reviews winds down.

Some of you may be asking, “Why is Lori Perkins doing this?”  Aside from the fact that I personally want Kathryn Falk’s legacy to continue, journalism is my first love (see there’s some romance for you, right there).  I have a B.A. in journalism from N.Y.U., and I started the local newspaper in upper Manhattan when I was 22. I also taught journalism at NYU when I was 23 because, as the feminist that I was then, I mentioned that there were no female professors teaching journalism and they asked me if I wanted to teach.  I taught at NYU on and off for the next 20 years.

I believe in the power of the press, and I believe in the power of women’s voices and perspectives.  We need our own presses where we can express ourselves, and we need women-centered spaces that are inclusive.  Kathryn Falk created that space 37 years ago.  I want it to go on.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

RAB Publishes Third Erotic Mash-Up by IPPY-Award Winning Author Lissa Trevor, Domme Quixote

Riverdale Avenue Books has just published Domme Quixote by IPPY-Award winner Lissa Trevor, her third erotic romance mash-up wherein she creates a fem domme re-imaging of Cervantes’ Don Quixote.

Dulcinea del Toboso runs a nightclub that's part dungeon/part live-action theater.  Her exclusive clientele pay a great deal to be told erotic stories at Chivalry and be led on sexual adventures that includes BDSM, voyeurism and multiple partners. In addition to her harem of slaves, Dulcinea has her eye on conquering her chief of security, Alonso Quixano.

Alonso, however, doesn't mix work with pleasure—no matter how much Dulcinea gets under his skin.  He would like nothing more than to spend endless nights of pleasure with her.  However, he's not one to wait in line.  And the line for Dulcinea's bed is varied and never ending.

When mobster Gino de Pasamonte decides his money can buy the best Dominatrix in the tri-state area, he's in for a big surprise when she puts him in a chastity cage and punts him out of her club, naked, for disrespecting her.  Now, Gino is out for revenge and it's up to Dulcinea and Alonso to stop him from destroying Chivalry, her reputation, and her devoted slaves.

“Unlike my other mash-ups, it was virtually impossible to tell an erotic story in between Cervantes' prose.  So I took his wonderful stories instead and modernized them with a "play within a play" motif,” said Author Lissa Trevor. “Dulcinea may be putting on a show using Don Quixote's famous escapades, but it's often she that is "tilting at windmills" as she goes about running her club and managing her slaves.”
“Trevor’s creative wit never ceases to amaze me as she weaves together these classics we know and love with contemporary erotic imaginings. ” said Publisher Lori Perkins.

Lissa is the author of Menage a Musketeer which won the 2016 IPPY erotica gold medal, as well as Spank Me, Mr. Darcy.