Wednesday, October 2, 2019

RAB Launches The Binge Watcher's Guide series with Book On Doctor Who, Season 11

Riverdale Avenue Books launches the first book in the new series The Binge Watchers Guide. The new line of books is dedicated to pop culture phenomenon from movies to TV shows. Fans will now be able to keep up with their latest shows and learn about the details behind them.

The first book in the series, The Binge Watcher's Guide to Doctor Who, Season 11 by Mackenzie Flohr, will take readers on a journey through time and space, showing how Doctor Who became the longest running show on television by weaving through its history, starting with the current incarnation of the Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker. The book will examine the impact of having the first female Doctor in the show’s five decade-long history among fans and critics.

Riverdale Avenue Books will kick off their new line with a Kickstarter campaign that will begin on Wednesday, October 2 and run for 30 days. The levels of support vary from ebooks, trade paperback, signed hardcovers to stretch goals that include a tea party in a Doctor Who restaurant to a Doctor Who Time Travel Cosplay Party in NYC as well as having the author v-logging about meeting various actors from the series. The book will be available at the beginning of .November

Publisher Lori Perkins has tapped different authors for each Binge Watcher Guide who are experts in pop culture and chose Mackenzie Flohr for The Doctor Who series.

“Working on this book with Mackenzie Flohr has been amazing. She has an almost comprehensive knowledge of the show, as well as an incredible passion for the world of Doctor Who,” said Publisher Lori Perkins

“2018 was a huge year for Doctor Who and Whovians around the world with the debut of our first female Doctor,” said Author Mackenzie Flohr. “It is an honor to start this nonfiction series on Jodie Whittaker and her 13th Doctor.

Here's the Kickstarter link, 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Final Installment of the M/M SoulShares Paranormal Fantasy Just Pubbed

Riverdale Avenue Books has published the final installment in the M/M Celtic SoulShares series, by Rory NiCoileain. The final book weaves together the myriad threads of this compelling paranormal romance in a climax that crosses time and space.

The Marfach—devourer of magick, long-imprisoned mortal enemy of the Fae race—is free of its Antarctic prison. The Demesne of Purgatory—Fae, humans, a Fade-hound puppy, a Gille Dubh, and a darag—is all that stands between the monster and the power it needs to destroy both the Fae Realm and the human world.  The only clue they have as to how to kill the unkillable is a cryptic note from the Loremasters

As they rebuild Purgatory from the rubble the Marfach left behind, they have to stand together, using everything they know—everything they are to their partners, lovers, husbands. Everything SoulSharing has made them. And not everyone who enters the final battle will leave it.  

“When I first started writing the SoulShares, it was the most incredible feeling. Stories came pouring out of me. There were times it felt almost like the stories were alive, like they were writing themselves,” said Author Rory NiCoileain. “Then, as I kept going, something even more incredible happened. I realized that I wasn't just a scribe, I was part of the story, creating it from the inside.”

“The author laughed when I described this series to a friend as gay True Blood only with faeries, but this series is as twisted and compelling as that world,” said Publisher Lori Perkins.

Friday, September 20, 2019

WICKEDLY EVER AFTER Retold Fairy Tales Where The Villain Wins


Retold Fairy Tales Where The Villain Wins

Sometimes it’s so very good to be bad. And why shouldn’t the villains have their chance at love? If Maleficent can have her happy ending –can’t some of our other favorites?
Riverdale Avenue Books is looking for retold fairytales with a specific twist – the villain is now the hero/ine and has the happily ever after. Wolves win over those who might harm them. Witches seduce and enchant. And good little boys and girls? Well, theirs are the motivations that come into question. Familiar and foreign tales are welcome, just put the villain at the center of your story.
LGBTQ+ and underrepresented characters/voices are welcome and encouraged.
All submissions will receive an acknowledgment email and a response by or before September 7, 2019. Please inquire about reprints. Original, previously unpublished work is preferred. Payment is prorated share of the epub, print and audio royalties split evenly among all contributors, a pdf and print copy of the book. Rights are for seven (7) years, reusable with permission and notification.
(EDITOR’S NOTE – We already have Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid, Hansel and Gretel, Rumplestilskiein, and Cinderella. Please do not submit retold versions of these)
All submissions should:
  • Be submitted as a Word document
  • Be between 4000-8000 words long (query for longer stories)
  • Be proofread and edited
  • Include a HEA or HFN ending
  • Use Times New Roman 12 point and underline italics
  • Use ### or *** centered for scene breaks with a blank line above and below
  • Include title, last name and page numbers in the upper right-hand corner using the ‘header’ feature.
Expected publication: November/December 2019
Submission deadline: October 4, 2019
Put Villains Win Anthology in the subject line
Send submissions via attachment to

Monday, September 16, 2019

Latest installment in Trinity Blacio's Fantasy is Alive Series Pubs with New Covers for First Two Titles

Riverdale Avenue Books Publishes Trinity Blacio’s The Heart’s Lost Souls, the Third Novel in Her Alien Menage Paranormal Series

New York, NY - September 12th -The innovative publisher, Riverdale Avenue Books has published the third installment in the Fantasy is Alive series by best-selling erotic romance author Trinity Blacio, The Heart’s Lost Souls, Part One: The Binding.

The book continues to follow the paranormal adventures of Shannon Kreep as she faces her own death and rebirth as well as learning that she is mated to seven alien alphas and that she is the key that will hold many worlds together.

 Trinity’s strength is that she creates a fantasy world where a damaged heroine can save the world because of lessons learned from coping. In Trinity’s series, her strong female characters are mated to a ménage of alien alphas  (this time seven!) who need her to help them save the universe as a battle between multiple species rages throughout the known and unknown universe.” said RAB Publisher Lori Perkins. “I love the tenacity and creativity of Trinity’s writing,” Perkins added.

The three books in the series –Possession of the Soul (Book One) and  Laying Claim to the Soul (Book Two)—have been re-covered with stunning new art by RAB’s award-winning Art Director Scott Carpenter for release of the third installment in this series.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Half Price Holiday Books for Christmas in July

Riverdale Avenue Books celebrates summer with its annual Christmas in July sale featuring 19 FREE holiday-themed Book-of-the-Day titles on and an entire month of half price title sales on the website using the promo code XMAS719. These titles will also be available at 50% off on Overdrive for sale to the nation’s libraries. Four of their LGBTQ+ titles will be offered as FREE give-aways on Erie Gay News.
Said Riverdale Avenue Publisher Lori Perkins, “Everyone knows that Christmas is the most romantic holiday of the year, but most people are too busy shopping, taking care of family, baking and decorating to enjoy the sales.  RAB gives you a whole summer month to curl up with as many hot holiday hunks as you possibly can.”
Below is a list of titles on in this promotion:
Hot for Xmas by Trinity Blacio
A Christmas Carl by Ryan Field
Forever Bound with Tinsel by Chloe Stowe
Christmas Magic by Cecilia Tan
The Naughty Angel and Her Three Very Wise Men by Trinity Blacio
Naughty Mommy and Santa’s Helpers by Trinity Blacio
The Naughty Stepbrothers by Trinity Blacio
A Christmas Tail: Book Four of the Masters of the Cats Series by Trinity Blacio
Holiday Smut edited by Lori Perkins
Whips & Chains & Candy Canes by F.L. Bicknell
Her Three Men by Trinity Blacio
Hot for Winter by Trinity Blacio
A Scarlet Christmas: A Femdom Christmas Carol by DL King
Bad Santa by Lise Horton
Her Stepbrother’s Christmas Gift: A Once upon a Stepbrothers Novella by Rachel Kenley
Home Alone for Christmas by Lori Perkins
Wrapped Around Your Handlebars by Ana Lee Kennedy
Frosty, Inc. by Trinity Blacio
Holiday Gay edited by Maitland McDonagh

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Apply for Your Book to be the Book of The Day at

Application form for Romance Daily News Book of the Day

Romance Daily News is an online magazine for romance readers. Each day, the editors at RDN select, feature and promote one romance ebook. RDN's paid subscribers are able to download the featured ebook for FREE. An annual subscription of $9.99 (and gets the reader 365 FREE books a year)

RDN's ebook fulfillment is powered by Smashwords, the leading ebook publishing and distribution platform. However, if you have your own website, where you can offer the book for FREE with  a code, you may use that instead.

Once your book is available at Smashwords, it's eligible for nomination as RDN's Book of the Day.
There's no cost to publish at Smashwords, and there's no cost to participate in this promotion if you're selected.

Titles for consideration should have a definite romantic element, but can be in any genre.  Nonfiction dealing with relationships and female-focus will also be considered.

*BEFORE* you fill out this application form, create a private Smashwords Coupon code which you'll enter below, and update your Smashwords author profile page with your Smashwords Interview (portions of which will be republished in your RDN feature), your current author headshot (if you have one) and author bio. If you're nominating a series book, please ensure that all your series books are connected via the Smashwords Series Manager tool. This will make it easier for readers to find and purchase your other books.

If your book is selected,  RDN  will contact you at the email you provide below with a confirmation and a promotion date.

Please copy and paste this application into an email and send it to

How did you hear about this opportunity?

What is your author pen name?

Nominated title

Retail price (must be $.99 or higher)

Hyperlink to your Smashwords book page for the book you're nominating (visit your Smashwords book page and then copy the full web address from your browser into the field below) or your website sale page

Smashwords Coupon Code for the title you're nominating (reminder: Do *not* click the "Public" coupon option. Select an expiration date that is at least 90 days after today. Once RDN assigns you a feature date, you'll click back to your Coupon Manager and set a new expiration date of two days after the promo date)

Is this book a member of a series? (If your series starter is perma-free, then you should nominate book two)


If you write series, and the series starter is free, what is the title of your series starter?

If you write series, and the series starter is free, provide a hyperlink to the Smashwords book page for the series starter

Hyperlink to your Author Profile page, which is where RDN will access your Smashwords Inteview (if you have not completed your Smashwords Interview, you must do so prior to completing this nomination form)

Will this title remain published at Smashwords for at least the next four months?


Your email address

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Riverdale Avenue Books Wins Multiple Erotica and Horror IPPY Awards

As the annual book awards season rolls in, Riverdale Avenue Books is pleased to announce that three of their titles have received Independent Publisher Book Awards in erotica and horror categories, as well RAB/Afraid Author Jeremy Wagner for outstanding author website.

The Independent Publisher Book Awards, affectionately called the IPPY Awards, has identified a reading list of progressive, thought-provoking books, the kind that can touch lives, advance careers, and stretch our imaginations. "Recognizing Excellence in Independent Publishing," the IPPY Awards showcase the best books from throughout North America and the English-speaking world. Launched as the first unaffiliated awards program open exclusively to independent, university, and self-published titles.

The honorees will receive gold, silver, and bronze medals in different categories. The books from Riverdale Avenue Books that will be receiving awards include:

· Erotica Gold Medal - Domme Quixote by Lissa Trevor

· Erotica Silver Medal - Women Who Love Monsters Edited by Lori Perkins

· SF/Fantasy/Horror ebook Bronze Medal - Rabid Heart by Jeremy Wagner

· Best Author Website Bronze Medal - Rabid Heart by Jeremy Wagner

“We are honored to receive these awards for the books we publish in the erotic and horror genres,” said Publisher Lori Perkins. “We feel these genres often say powerful things about the time we live in and we are so proud to have our authors’ voices heard and recognized.”

The Women Who Love Monsters anthology was a tie-in to an episode of Vice TV’s Slutever which aired in March 2018.

The presentation ofthe 24th annual IPPY Awards will take place in New York City at the Copacabana (268 W 47 St) on Tuesday, May 28th from 6:00 to 9:30 p.m. The event occurs on the eve of Book Expo America.