Thursday, February 21, 2013

Behind 50 Shades of Gay by Donald Weise

This week sees the publication of Magnus/RAB's latest must-read erotic romance, 50 Shades of Gay by actor/writer Jeffery Self. You may have seen Jeffery on 30 Rock in the role of Liz Lemon's gay nephew, Randy, or on Desperate Housewives or Hot in Cleveland, but you'll see a very new side of him in this sometimes hilarious, often tender, but always hot riff on the 50 Shades international phenomenon.

While I'm no stranger to erotic romance as a reader, as a publisher this is an area new to me. But I welcomed the opportunity to take a step in this direction once I began reading 50 Shades of Gay, because I was equally touched and aroused by the book--and there aren't many I can say that about! For starters it's set in Hollywood, where I grew up, and unfolds in the movie world where closeted gay stars are as common as the palm trees that line the streets. Being an out TV actor himself, Jeffery writes about this world with laugh out-loud humor and an insider's understanding of how power plays out both on and off the movie set.

The book's virgin protagonist, Alex Kirby, a young, out writer with literary aspirations, meets blockbuster movie star Taylor Grayson, a drop-dead gorgeous closet case who has a full-time staff guarding his closet door, at the star's latest movie premiere. The sexual heat is instant for Alex, while Taylor's playful interest in Alex seems only platonic at best--but not for long. In short order Alex finds himself romanced by the superstar in scenes right out of the movies. However there's a dark side to this shining price. Romance for Alex has never before involved an initiation into BDSM, which Taylor not just offers but demands. 50 Shades of Gay goes deep into the world of kink, depicting some of the hottest, boundary-pushing sex you'll find today.

What's also appealing to me about the novel, apart from its heat, is that 50 Shades of Gay is a love story between two men that will satisfy both gay male and straight female audiences--or anyone for that matter who's turned on by hot man-on-man sex. The book has an emotional and sexual authenticity that's fresh, and for me, sets the novel apart from most of the gay male or M/M erotic romances I see. Regardless whether you've read 50 Shades of Grey, whether you’re turned on by BDSM, or even whether your gay, Jeffery's novel is sure to arouse you and open your mind.

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  1. Hi, Lori. I have not read both books but I have friends who have nice and not so nice reviews about them. However, I do appreciate books that open my mind to new realities. Thanks for sharing such a comprehensive review!